Utah earthquake causes power outages, coronavirus hotline down

The Utah Emergency Management Center reports there’s shaking near Salt Lake City, Utah after magnitude 5.7 earthquake hit the impacted area; 55,000 people are without power. FOX News operates the … Read More

Hot, windy conditions fuelling Australia bushfires

Firefighters in Australia are bracing for a difficult night as hot and windy conditions continue to spread bushfires. Nearly 150 fires are burning in New South Wales alone – a … Read More

USA Surface Temperature Weather Forecast HD: 28 Dec 2019 [Updated at 0000 hours UTC]

USA surface temperature weather forecast video. Last updated at 28 Dec 2019 [Updated at 0000 hours UTC]. For latest worldwide weather forecast please visit our website https://www.worldweatheronline.com/ source

Memorial services held across Asia on 15th tsunami anniversary

Memorial services are being held across Asia to mark the 15th anniversary of the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami. About 230 thousand people were killed when massive waves swept into 12 … Read More

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