Macron gives speech over defence strategy and deterrence || FRANCE

Macron gives speech over defence strategy and deterrencePARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron gives a much-anticipated speech on nuclear deterrence and French defense strategy, in which he is expected to … Read More

Trump’s Border Wall vs. Wind, U.S. Life Expectancy Increase & A Counterfeit Bust | The Daily Show

America’s life expectancy has risen for the first time in years, segments of Trump’s border wall got knocked down by wind, and authorities confiscated counterfit $1 bills. #TheDailyShow Subscribe to … Read More

Top 5 Stiff Arms in College Football 2012-13 (HD)

Contact me on Skype: SmokeySkypes Twitter: Facebook: Second Channel: Top 5 Stiff Arms of College Football 2012-13 (HD) was: Created by: Smokey Dawg Filmed by: ESPN, ESPN2, … Read More

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