Trump says he will not wear mask despite CDC recommendation

President Trump unveiled a new CDC recommendation on Friday that strongly urges Americans to wear some sort of cloth or fabric face mask when in public. President Trump said he … Read More

Chairman Schiff Reacts To Trump Firing Intel IG | The Last Word | MSNBC

Chairman Adam Schiff tells Ali Velshi that Donald Trump’s late-Friday-night firing of the Inspector General who flagged the whistleblower complaint to Congress … source

Trump fires Inspector General Atkinson: Report

Michael Atkinson handled the whistleblower complaint that triggered President Trump’s impeachment; Kevin Corke reports. #FoxNews FOX News operates the … source

Trump "not understanding the importance of the US-Canada relationship"

President Trump is invoking the Defense Production Act to stop mask exports from coming to Canada. Former U.S. ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman … source

Jim Acosta yells at Trump that he’s been president for 3 years when he blames Obama

BREAKING: CNN’s Jim Acosta just yelled at Trump that he’s been president for over 3 years when Trump tries to blame Obama for the government’s lack of preparedness. To demand … Read More

See Trump's Ego-Driven Virus Response Called Out On Live TV By Rapper Jeezy | MSNBC

As people adjust to life during the coronavirus pandemic, many artists are performing from home, speaking out and even releasing new work, as Grammy-nominated rapper Jeezy discusses in this new … Read More

Donald Trump Struggling To Convince Americans To Follow The Advice Of Health Experts | MSNBC

Top doctors in the White House stress that many Americans are still not doing enough to flatten the coronavirus curve. Aired on 4/3/2020. » Subscribe to … source

President Donald Trump explains why he won’t wear a face mask despite CDC recommendations

PRESIDENT Donald Trump revealed why he is currently choosing not to wear a face mask, claiming ‘I just don’t see it for myself’. He also recommended that Americans could make … Read More

Coronavirus outbreak: Trump says CDC is recommending Americans wear cloth or fabric masks

U.S. President Donald Trump and the U.S. coronavirus task force provided their daily update on the COVID-19 crisis in America Friday afternoon. The president stated that the Centers for Disease … Read More

Trump announces new CDC guidelines recommending masks | ABC News

BREAKING: Pres. Trump: “The CDC is advising the use of non-medical cloth face covering as an additional, voluntary public health measure.” “It’s voluntary. source

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