President Trump Attends a Fox Town Hall

For information purposes so all Americans get to hear their president all rights & Video Credit: Fox News Amp News is Pro American Grassroots media outlet created by Alicia Maria … Read More

Decoding Bible Relics National Geographic Documentary 2013 (Full HD)

Are recent finds in the Holy Land about the Temple of Solomon and the burial of Jesus authentic artifacts or sophisticated fakes? source

Justin Timberlake’s Divisive Scone Opinions | The Graham Norton Show | Friday @ 11pm | BBC America

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Trump’s Border Wall vs. Wind, U.S. Life Expectancy Increase & A Counterfeit Bust | The Daily Show

America’s life expectancy has risen for the first time in years, segments of Trump’s border wall got knocked down by wind, and authorities confiscated counterfit $1 bills. #TheDailyShow Subscribe to … Read More

20180613 My Opinion of the IIG Nat Geo Salton Sea Flat Earth Test

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