Trump SLAMS the Press: "It's More than Fake News, It's Corrupt News"

Trump slammed the press this morning saying: “It’s more than Fake News, it’s Corrupt News.” WATCH Trump SHUT DOWN Reporter with Gotcha Question about ‘Kung Flu’: ► Click HERE … Read More

Trump Hater Debates Trump Supporter | Slightly Offens*ve

This week on Slightly Offens*ve, Elijah Schaffer explores what happens when a Trump hater debates a Trump supporter. WATCH more Slightly Offens*ve: ► Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV … Read More

Democrat Goes to Trump Rally and Realizes Dems Are SCREWED in 2020 | Glenn Beck

In a wildly popular Medium piece, Dr. Karlyn Borysenko described what it was like attending a Trump rally as a Democrat. She told Glenn Beck crossing party lines is nearly … Read More

Where's Hunter Biden? Follow the Money. | Glenn Beck

Where is Hunter? Glenn Beck says follow the money and it all leads back to Burisma, CrowdStrike, and Ukraine. WATCH Glenn’s full special on Ukraine: The … source

Why the Left Refuses to Admit Trump's Success I America with Eric Bolling

Eric Bolling explains why we need to stomp out the partisan feuding and just let Trump have a win, and why the media is so obsessed with trying to prevent … Read More

Trump Mocks Beto at Rally: 'He Quit Like a Dog'

Trump mocked Beto O’Rourke at a rally last night for dropping out of the Democratic 2020 race saying: “He quit like a dog…He was against religion. He was against you … Read More

Kellyanne Conway Mocks Reporters, Shuts Down Anti-Trump Questions

Kellyanne Conway took questions from reporters in front of the White House today, but it wasn’t long before CNN and other outlets started asking shamelessly anti-Trump questions. Kellyanne wasted no … Read More

Trump Mercilessly Mocks Jussie Smollett in Chicago Speech

While speaking at a police event in Chicago, President Trump mercilessly mocked Jussie Smollett for allegedly fabricating a hate crime to try to paint Trump supporters as racist. ► Click … Read More

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