Coronavirus in China: Reported cases continue to fall

As countries grapple with coronavirus infections, it seems to be slowing in China where the illness is believed to have originated. The World Health Organization says the number of new … Read More

Movement restrictions in and out of China 'helping contain' virus

Russia says it will stop Chinese citizens from entering the country, in an effort to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. The move comes as China’s government maintains a … Read More

Coronavirus: China's once bustling cities come to a standstill

China has announced 97 more deaths from coronavirus. That brings the total number of dead to at least 1,115 people, with more than 44,000 others infected. Al Jazeera’s Katrina Yu … Read More

Beating Film Censorship in China: Online Big Movies

On this episode of VICE’s Foreign Film Club we go behind the scenes of China’s OBMs, or Online Big Movies. These online films bypass China’s restrictive censorship laws and are … Read More

What is the coronavirus?

The Guardian’s health editor, Sarah Boseley, answers some of the most common and pressing questions surrounding the recent coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► … Read More

The Flatmates episode 146, from BBC Learning English

Helen’s Mum and Dad decide that they will help with the cost of her ticket to Beijing – but will she agree to their terms? Find out more in Episode … Read More

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