Ancient X-Files: Vampire Killers & Green Children Mystery Nat. Geographic Documentary 2012 (Full HD)

Following the trail of the oldest suspected vampire, and a look into alleged sightings of two alien-like children in an English village … source

Her father's dying wish came true at Area 51 | Militarykind

What a fellow military spouse did for her and her late father at Area 51 left her speechless. RELATED VIDEO » Soldier and daughter sing duet: Subscribe to our … Read More

USA B1B Lancer supersonic strategic bombers land @ Prince Sultan Saudi Arabia Current Events

Russia White Swan Strategic Nuclear Bombers land in Africa October 2019 Current Events USA deploys 30+ M1 Abram Tanks to Syria Kurdish region to protect oil fields Current Events … Read More

Breaking News UFO Sighting Denver 4-19-2015

Breaking News UFO Sighting Denver 4-19-2015. Thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe. New video everyday!!! source

UFO spacecraft over Chicago – USA – today

UFO spacecraft over Chicago – USA – today . Spacecraft Chicago Title Ufo Alien Analysis USA Nibiru Space “Area 51” Aliens Park Today Illinois Wisconsin Hilary sightings today this week … Read More

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