China's GDP shrinks for first time in recorded history

The coronavirus pandemic has brought decades of economic growth in China to a halt. Its gross domestic product (GDP) shrank for the first time in recorded history. The news comes … Read More

Who's to blame, Trump or the WHO? I Inside Story

It will disappear one day like a miracle. That’s how U.S. President Donald Trump described the coronavirus crisis in the early days. And he went on for weeks assuring Americans: … Read More

Can the United States control its coronavirus outbreak? I Inside Story

The World Health Organization has warned the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic could shift to the United States. Although Italy, Spain and China have higher death tolls, the U.S. now … Read More

UK locks down 66 million people to slow spread of coronavirus

The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered all citizens to remain at home for at least three weeks to stop the coronavirus pandemic from spreading further. Only essential … Read More

Lebanon army deployed to enforce public lockdown

Lebanon’s army has been brought in to help enforce a public lockdown, as cases of the virus rise across the country. At least 248 infections and four deaths have been … Read More

Australian tourism operators silenced for opposing Adani mine

Tourism operators in Australia say they are being silenced for opposing a new coal mine in the state of Queensland. The government approved the Indian-owned Adani mine last year, despite … Read More

Made in Malaysia: How mosque event spread virus to SE Asia

A gathering of Muslims, held at the end of last month at a sprawling mosque complex on the outskirts of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, has emerged as a source of … Read More

US Midwestern states hit hard by Trump's China trade war

Despite a surging US economy, Midwestern states that were key to President Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory are lagging behind the rest of the nation. Trump made increasing jobs in … Read More

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