President Trump threatening to bypass Congress

Trump says he will invoke a never-before-used presidential power to adjourn Congress to fill senior official and federal judge positions himself. ABC News’ Alex Presha reports. BREAKING NEWS UPDATES: … Read More

Donald Trump will not fire Dr Anthony Fauci over US coronavirus response comments | ABC News

US President Donald Trump has used a White House briefing to praise his own handling of the coronavirus outbreak with a taxpayer funded promotional video. It comes in the face … Read More

Coronavirus update: The latest COVID-19 news for Tuesday 14 April | ABC News

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases across the globe will pass through 2 million in the next 24 hours and the number of deaths 120,000. Covid-19 has swept through … Read More

Trump re-tweets attack on Fauci with hashtag #FireFuaci

The re-tweet came around the same time Dr. Fauci discussed the administration’s reluctance to call for earlier shutdowns that could have saved more lives. WATCH FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS … Read More

Trump: ‘Stay at home and save lives’

The president and coronavirus task force updated Americans on the “15 days to slow the spread” fight against COVID-19. source

How the United States is coping with coronavirus | 7.30

There has been a lot of concern about the United States’ response to coronavirus. President Donald Trump played down the virus for weeks, but now seems to have had a … Read More

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