Trump impeachment inquiry enters new phase l ABC News

All but two House Democrats voted to formally approve the impeachment inquiry of President Trump while House Republicans called the process unfair. #ABCNews #Impeachment #Trump #Politics #Ukraine source

Trump announces ISIS leader dies in US commando raid l ABC News

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the world’s most wanted man, blew himself up as U.S. special forces closed in during a daring raid. READ MORE: #ABCNews #Baghdadi #ISIS #Trump source

See It, Say It, Sign It | Letter Sounds | ASL Alphabet

See It, Say It Sign It as you learn sign language for each letter and the letter sounds for each letter of the alphabet. Jack shows the sign for each … Read More

Hidden America: Chilling New Look at Sex Trafficking in the US

ABC’s Diane Sawyer reports on the danger of vulnerable young women falling victim to prostitution rings. source

Gypsy Child Thieves documentary in english on BBC Part 1

For centuries gypsies lived on the margins of society and faced brutal discrimination. Many have resorted to begging and stealing to survive, but in the last twenty years organized crime … Read More

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