Coronavirus: 99-year-old man raises millions for NHS: BBC News Review

👏 While we are in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, learn vocabulary with this good news story to cheer us up. A 99-year-old British man has raised millions of pounds … Read More

The perfect thing – The Storytellers

Are your children learning English? Why not watch a story with them and help them learn with our ‘just for kids’ series The Storytellers! Each episode has a video, a … Read More

What's the difference between 'speak' and 'talk'? – English In A Minute

What’s the difference between speak and talk? Phil’s going to talk us through it. Give us 60 in this English In A Minute – our 60 second free English class. … Read More

Coronavirus self-isolation: Stay active with us!

Are you in isolation because of the coronavirus pandemic? What are you doing to stay active? We’re keeping very busy – as you can see from the video! Send us … Read More

Coronavirus: How long will it take to develop a Covid-19 vaccine?

Coronavirus: The search for a vaccine is on. How long will it take to develop it? Watch the video and answer these questions: 1. Who said developing a vaccine could … Read More

Touring bands and climate change: 6 Minute English

When music bands tour, it comes at a cost to the environment. Huge amounts of carbon are generated when the musicians and fans travel the world to attend a gig. … Read More

How to keep active in self-isolation – BBC Learning English

How are you keeping active while in self-isolation due to the coronavirus? Here are some ideas to keep you inspired! We’re all in this together! Watch the video and answer … Read More

Sheeple: The English We Speak

Sometimes people just follow the crowd. Instead of thinking for themselves they copy what others are doing – a bit like sheep do. Why not leave the crowd and learn … Read More

Coronavirus: How to clean your phone

The #Coronavirus: we all know to wash our hands. But what about cleaning our phones? Here’s how! Watch and answer these questions: 1.What should you not use? 2.Where should you … Read More

How to use modal verbs of deduction – English In A Minute

Must, can’t, may, might and could. How do we use these modal verbs of deduction? Saskia can’t do a better job of explaining modal verb of deduction in this English … Read More

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