35 thoughts on “The happiness in his eyes

  1. Applause for your uncle for making the effort and for you too, for teaching him! Keep up the progress were rooting for him

  2. **School** divides life into two segments, which are increasingly of comparable length. As much as anything else, schooling implies custodial care for persons who are declared undesirable elsewhere by the simple fact that a school has been built to serve them. ~ Ivan Illich
    Source: https://proverbicals.com/school-proverbs

  3. That is lovely! You can never go wrong helping another person better themself. 💜 I’m sure he feels excited!

  4. Proof that old dogs *can* learn new tricks

    Major congrats to your uncle on learning how to write and kudos to you for spending the time to teach him.

  5. Honest question: how do you get though life without writing? I’m sure it’s possible and I’ve heard of illiteracy, but how do you do it?

    Edit: I know how it can happen to people (as sad as it is) but how do you survive without reading or writing.

  6. My dad didn’t learn how to read until the year I was born, and he really enjoyed reading to my siblings and I. I wish I would have known that before he passed, I would have spent more time talking about, and reading books with him.

  7. My dad took early retirement from teaching English in public schools. He was tired of kids who didn’t want to learn, parents who blamed him for their idiot kids not learning, and the school district wanting him to just pass the little bastards so their numbers looked good.

    In retirement, he volunteered for an adult literacy program, teaching adults to read. He got back his joy of teaching because every single person he taught was someone who wanted to learn. Nothing beats the smile of a 50 year old man who is finally able to read a letter from his daughter without help.

  8. Was a volunteer reading teacher and one elderly woman was so happy that she had learned to read because She saw the obituary for an old friend and wouldn’t have otherwise known he died.

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