44 thoughts on ““simply land in a pool” as requested :)

  1. You and I have much different understandings of the word simple o.O

    Edit: Simply, even, same thing 🤪

  2. This is one of the only stunts on GTA I’ve seen where it was satisfying to watch the whole video.


    Do another!

  3. Wait, no, you missed– oh, I see you’re going for– no you’re gonna oversho– ah. 10/10 stuck the landing.

  4. man i wish they added actual tricks to the bikes. just a simple tail spin or a handle bar spin would of been enough

  5. How to land in a pool:

    Step 1: get in scramjet

    Step 2: drive out into the street

    Step 3: wait 5 seconds

    Step 4: you should now be in a pool

  6. Ehmm… Erh…. Uhmmm… What-the-fuck did I just watch? This is one of the best BMX tricks I’ve seen so far!!! FML, this is so GREAT!

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