41 thoughts on “She is not the cringe but those 6k neck beards are! I freaking love her idea 😂

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  2. ew is that an emoji? as a redditor..I…-W-FWKOIDNXdoahsJlkmcj….

    Sorry about that guy, he wont bother you anymore.

    Have a good day 😉

  3. Not even sure they’re neckbeards. I honestly think it’s mostly kids. If they put the hot tub streams for 18+ only the viewership would probably plummet.

  4. OP you are wrong. 21% of Twitch users are between 13 and 17, and they likely cannot grow a proper neckbeard. Twitch needs new management.

  5. This doesn’t make any sense. If you follow a streamer and watch their content (the only people who would get the notification) aren’t they just gonna watch her stream no matter what? Like if I watched a streamer and a notification came up that they were streaming, no matter the title, I’d obviously still check it out. I don’t understand how this is cringe? She just basically explained how streaming works.

  6. I don’t think it’s that bad.

    If it’d get a notification of Linus Tech Tips about a “Hot Tub Stream” I’d also go to see what he’s building, even if I end up seeing him naked in a jacuzzi playing Never Going To Give You up on a tiny, floating piano.

  7. Am I missing something? Did they have to pay money or anything? Clicking on a girl saying she is going to be naked for a second out of curiosity is a neck beard thing?

  8. Are we suppose to hate hot tub streamers and people that watch them? I don’t get it. Her idea is funny but I just don’t get the hate for hot tub streamers.

  9. A large portion of her own fans are only there because she’s attractive, seems pretty cringe.

  10. Hot take, but who cares about hot tub streamers and who cares about the guys who are apparently watching them? This is Karen type shit.

    I can’t imagine not just looking for the endless amounts of pornography that exists on the internet, but I don’t think it’s worth clutching my pearls over whether or not some dork wants to watch it and beat off.

    Equally I don’t really care if random thots want to wear bikinis on the internet. We can literally go to the beach or a public pool and see the exact same thing. I can look for it on Google images or YouTube with safe search on, and I can turn on the TV and see the exact same damn thing. If some nerd wants to pay someone for it, that’s not my problem.

  11. Gotta love them double standards. Women who earn money through voluntary sex work are empowered, but the guys providing the money are creepy neckbeards? Sure.

  12. She is the cringe and posting this is cringe. Who gives a shit if 6k ppl clicked into her stream to watch a hot tub stream? You can, ya know, always just not watch it….

  13. I’m just going to say if you watch that channel, you’re already in dire need of help. The channel doesn’t really offer anything amazing. It’s just consume and forget material.

    If I was a streamer, and I got 6k off of clickbait (Where the average is 1.5k?), I’d be really happy in the moment, but it would be very upsetting when the realization hits: People don’t enjoy my regular content to the same degree.


    It should be noted that this post is borderline advertisement. OP is a rocketleague trader, who is basically advertising their favorite rocket league streamer. – Using Reddit for advertisement is the real cringe.

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