My foster dog had never been indoors before. This is her first nap, on a bed, in a home. ♥️

My foster dog had never been indoors before. This is her first nap, on a bed, in a home. ♥️

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37 thoughts on “My foster dog had never been indoors before. This is her first nap, on a bed, in a home. ♥️

  1. What a sweetheart. Thank you for showing her love and affection. She looks so happy and content. 🥰

  2. A little more info: Sundae was taken from a dog hoarding situation — one man had 16 dogs (and a deceased dog’s body) in his backyard. The dogs had access only to a junk-filled backyard and a garage for shelter.

    We’ve had her for about a week and you would never know that she’s never been an indoor dog before. She’s totally potty trained, incredibly gentle and she’s very polite indoors. She loves to sleep as close as possible to me in bed — I think she’s just making up for 8ish years of zero affection.

    She’s available for adoption through [Country Roads Animal Rescue in OKC.](

    Her perfect family would have a very chill lifestyle and have a ton of patience to help her continue to come out of her shell and gain confidence.

    EDIT: Getting some pretty heated messages that I’m breaking the rules of this Subreddit. While her past wasn’t great, this wasn’t meant to be a sad post! Only happy days for her from now on. I thought this was the sweetest picture and wanted to share it with y’all. As for rule 7 — I didn’t include her rescue to ask for adopters or donations. I figured that naturally people would be curious where she’s located and I had to give a shout-out to the amazing rescue I foster through!

    EDIT 2: [Wanted to share a picture of her whole face. ]( Her beautiful markings look like ice cream, chocolate and caramel to me — that’s why I named her Sundae! 🙂

  3. Oh you get that good girl her own blanket this minute! Seriously though, you are amazing for doing this. I hope she gets all the love and butt scratches she deserves

  4. I have never understood people who leave their dog relegated to an outdoor life only. They’re missing out on the whole point of having a dog. I LOVE the way this girl is holding her hind legs! I hope she has more years left in her to finally enjoy being part of a true pack.

  5. Gonna go give my fur baby a big hug and a treat, he’s spoiled rotten but these kinds of posts always remind me to appreciate the shit out of him.

  6. I Truly believe if everyone could start their day petting a sleeping dog that loves them,The world would be far better place.

  7. We should all remember what a profound gift it is, to help another living creature sleep the sleep of the rescued

  8. Oh golly. All the feels. She looks like my boy Andy who was abandoned, as a puppy, by my house in the country. I was an idiot and didn’t know about fleas and such, so I took him to bed with me and became over run with them. Eeks. Thankfully, today, he’s five years old and is commonly known as “Hopp-along-Cassidy” because when he runs it’s more like he’s hopping…He’s so happy and full of energy. I know that your girl will find her furrever home and bring lots of joy…After she has had a nice long nap, of course. Keep doing the good stuff.

  9. I hope she never has to sleep outside again, unless she wants to! I hope it’s everything she’s dreamed of.

  10. I started tearing up before the picture even loaded.

    When I was a kid, my grandfather had a couple of hunting dogs. They had their own kennel (which, frankly, was much nicer than several places I lived in my 20s). But, as a kid, it broke my heart that they were out there (heated, fed, air conditioned, showered with toys-they weren’t mistreated, I promise). So I would sneak out and sleep in the puppy pile at night. One time I didn’t wake up in time to sneak back in and everyone panicked thinking that I was lost. They found me curled up with the pups, my pillow (no need for a blanket) and my stuffie. I still wasn’t allowed to bring them into the house, but my grandfather secretly stashed a sleeping bag for me in the kennel.

    My last dog would only sleep if he was in bed next to me, under the blanket, with his head on his own pillow. All dogs (and people) deserve a loving home with all the snuggles they can tolerate!!!!!!

    She’s so lucky to have found that with y’all!

  11. My heart just broke a million times.

    People like you beyond words. Thank you.

    She looks lovely.

  12. I’ve had two dogs that were from bad situations. The first was removed by law enforcement and the second we think was a junkyard dog. There is nothing like watching an animal like that take a long and comfortable nap in their bed. The second dog ( the junkyard dog) slept for three days straight when we adopted him. The first dog was spoiled with bed after giant bed (she was a digger so she went through them pretty quickly). The second just took over the futon and napped with my daughter in her bed as well. Both dogs have passed away, but I take a lot of comfort in knowing that the time they spent with me was warm and worry free. I used to love hearing them take that big sigh and then stretch their legs out in total naptime bliss.

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