26 thoughts on “Good luck scratching my car with this on it!

  1. Damn that’s interesting we learned nothing. What is the material? Is it commercial? Is that really your truck?

  2. I just wrap mine in foil. This has an added benefit where I can tear a small piece off to keep my leftover Subway fresh for the next day.

  3. ~~Vinyl clear wraps~~ PPF (Paint Protections film) are surprisingly durable and resilient. Also, a majority of those microscratches heal when sitting in the hot sun due to the properties of the polymers in the wrap.

  4. But how does it react with sunlight is my question. How long does it last before it just turns into a peely mess of horrible plastic bits?

  5. I have this or something like this on my CC-R, My only real criticism of the stuff is that dirt makes it way into the edge of the plastic sheeting and can look a little ugly. Easily fixable with a toothbrush but its extra work.

  6. Does this help keep pollen of your car, cause I’m having a serious pollen war this year… I’m losing.

  7. This would a huge hit in India. We Indians, have always believed that putting plastic over valuable things for protection. Ex- TV remote.

  8. *Accidentally scratches car*

    *blowing sounds intensify*

    *health bar appears*

    *ground starts shaking*

  9. I apply this products to vehicles for a living! For those wondering it’s called Paint Protection Film (PPF). It’s a product that defends paint from scratches, stone chips and other damage! It self heals and most scratches will come out with dry or wet heat. The film also comes in a satin finish to protect satin painted cars or it can be used to convert gloss painted cars to satin!

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