31 thoughts on “Dragon’s Eye , Norway 🇳🇴

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  2. What is it?

    Edit keep on getting smart ass comment read the title? Yeah I get it, for a first timer it could of just mean the location of the place.

  3. I am half Norwegian,.. time to go to Norway and see this damn delicious dragons eye,..maybe eat some herring and frolick thru some fjords…. thank you for the inspiration and fabulous foto!

  4. Didn’t this pop up a few months ago and it turned out it was just a cool rock someone found and the “dragons eye” thing was made up?

  5. This area is formed of what’s known as basement rock, mainly granite, but is very complex and can have many different types of rocks. I guess the water and tide eroded this bitch to look like that.. I was looking for info but found mainly pics. Any smart rock dawgs out there know more?

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