44 thoughts on “Cheeto man bad

  1. I think that is the only tweet of his I have ever liked. I was kind of surprised how long it took for him to get the virus

  2. Wait, if covid is a hoax perpetrated by the Rothschilds as cover to take over and install an Illuminati-led New World Order that tracks everyone through vaccines and 5G towers, wouldn’t this make the Cheeto a deep state crisis actor?


    Wake up SHEEPLE!!!

    And…lizard people. They’re involved too, somehow.

  3. Did she call him a loser? Because the loser, especially this particular loser, like most losers, hates to be called a loser. I guess this loser is a super-loser. I find this comparison insulting to losers who worked hard their entire loser lives to be the loser they are now. Not this loser. This loser is only a loser because it was handed to him by his loser father.


  4. Don’t forget he also lost the popular vote twice. The only piece of s*** in history to be impeached twice lose the popular vote twice and have only one term. I don’t think anybody will ever break that shity record. So fitting, a shity record for a giant piece of s***

  5. I think that the best and most long-lasting effect of his presidency will be the butthurt Trumpholes crying about people posting Tweets like this one. I never tire of hearing them whine and try to insult people.

  6. Ooooh. Some triggered loser fascists in here.

    Edit: Jesus fucking christ, it’s always so much worse than you think it’s going to be.

  7. Trump refuses to be politically correct. In fact just to be on the safe side he refuses to be correct at all.

  8. Let’s not give Cheeto’s a bad name by referring to that raping fascist racist domestic terrorist as Cheeto man

  9. Remember when they rushed him to the hospital and gave him magic President Medicine and Oxygen so that he could keep working and everyone could talk about how the thing that almost killed him wasn’t a big deal?

  10. But of course Reddit would never celebrate that right? Because you’re such great empathetic people

  11. I’m overjoyed that he faded out of the spotlight after January 20. I was certain that he was gonna continue riling up his supporters until something even worse happened.

  12. Is this the place where people who haven’t shut up about Hillary Clinton for a decade tell us to get over Trump?

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