26 thoughts on “Capturing that perfect frame

  1. Putting your life at risk for a picture is not worth it… What would happen if he falls? He could be smashed against the rocks and die.

  2. Congratulations, your iPhone upgrade to a cPhone is complete, allowing for a more salinear user experience!

  3. He’s lucky he was able to grab onto some rocks otherwise he would have been pulled out to sea or slammed right back into that cliff face.

  4. Had someone die because of a similar scenario in Oahu, HI. Underestimating that water is beyond dangerous.

  5. I’ve sadly witnessed a tragic death from a situation like this. An older man was trying to take a pic of a waterfall, and he had stepped over a wooden fence. This was in a rural area of New Hampshire. It was so sad to witness, and we all immediately saw his lifeless body get tossed along the rocks.

    Mother nature always wins. Please don’t push the envelop like this. It’s not worth it.

  6. > “One who is ignorant of water’s treasures fail also to comprehend its horrors… without solid ground, terrestrial creatures become simply… helpless.”

    -Oceanid of Qingce

  7. The ocean, she tried. You’ll get one tomorrow gal. There’s enough idiots in this world defying Darwin’s theory, that plenty will fill your depths. Keep reaching

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