15 thoughts on “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – Official Title Treatment

  1. You know the first ten minutes of this are going to be like the first ten minutes of *Up*. Just going to rip you apart before they put you back together.

  2. Oooh interestiiiing, I was convinced that the Wakanda D+ show would end up being titled Wakanda Forever.

  3. This title makes me think they aren’t gonna have a new Black Panther and just focus on the whole nation and side characters tbh

  4. This movie is gonna make so much money from people seeing how they handle Boseman’s death alone. Sad to say, but death makes money. Furious 7 was once the 5th highest grossing film of all time after Paul Walker passed.

  5. Call me crazy but Shuri is NOT ready to take the mantle or role of lead character for black panther, if that’s what they’re going for. Her character just doesn’t have that main hero aura if it makes any sense

  6. I wonder if they’ll wind up doing a Battle for the Cowl type deal here when it comes to determining who the new King/leader of Wakanda would be?

    It’s worth noting that by the end of Black Panther 1 the flowers used to grant the current King his powers were all destroyed by Killmonger to make sure that nobody could challenge him, and then the last remaining flower was used to reinvigorate T’Challa so that he could challenge Killmonger to another duel.

    That makes things interesting because if that’s the case where the next heir to the mantle has no superpowers it could establish a semi cool theme along with Sam Wilson of successor heroes without superpowers.

    Candidate wise we’ve got T’Challa’s sister as a blood relative making her the queen in theory, the head of the mountain tribe, and what I’m going to call a possible twist in Killmonger actually being alive but kept in prison. T’Challa knew that his father killing his brother was the ultimate mistake, and I feel like him sparing Eric would help him question his world view on how Wakanda could become a beacon to the world in social and technological advancement as opposed to just another warmonger in revenge for Africa’s colonization. Michael B Jordan brought such a great intensity to the role and I feel like he could have a great redemption arc.

    Lupita Nyongo could possibly be a candidate too based on her being a part of the Wakandan secret service. She’s no stranger to espionage, working internationally, and was possibly going to marry T’Challa. I think this is plausible because the King himself kicked off breaking Wakandan tradition by revealing the country in all it’s glory to the world and reconciling the Mountain tribe. Who’s to say that the mantle of Black Panther and that of the King/Queen couldn’t be separated to better serve the country?

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