26 thoughts on “When you have no time for drama

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    >!Kid refuses to get up off the ground. Dad picks her up with the groceries.!<

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  2. I do this like 3 times a day with my toddler. So much they’ve got used to it and it’s like scruffing a cat and they go limp.

    I get that toddlers are learning to be human but they sure do suck at times.

  3. The only Unexpected bit here is that the kid isn’t visibly giggling by the end. I have 100% done this with my kids, and I always found that going for a bit of a trip was an instant tantrum breaker.

  4. I worked at a daycare with 3-5 year olds, and this is exactly the kind of energy you need to bring.

    When you’re trying to get 20-30 toddlers ready to go outside in winter in MN, and one kid is throwing a fit about putting on their coat, there is no time for talking it out and reasoning.

    I’d just pull the coat on the kid backwards then zip the little brat up.

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