16 thoughts on “White privilege and systemic racism are very real

  1. For all the people that desperately try to frame black people killed by cops as guilty of something and that’s why they deserved to die: cops aren’t supposed to kill guilty people either.

  2. It was reported back in November. And the mainstream medias coverage of George Floyd’s drug use has been fairly sympathetic. His drug use is relevant because it’s part of the defenses case. Prosecutors tried to get the 2017 footage in as evidence but Im not sure it made it in. So while its relevant to the type of person Chauvin is, it’s not literally relevant to the case currently, which is why it hasn’t been brought up recently in the news.

    Systemic Racism is real though.

  3. That’s before we even talk about how people addicted to drugs are victims. The fact that is being used as a justification for killing him just proves this point.

  4. “See George Floyd shouldn’t have died for at least another 8 minutes”

    -Chauvin’s lawyers (like kinda actually)

  5. George’s blood isn’t just on Chauvin’s hands but on the hands of everyone in a position to do something when he did that to the child but didn’t. America’s eternal and absolute lack of accountability when it comes to its systems and its government (and a significant portion of its people) guaranteed he would get to murder someone for real. The other day, I saw someone say something like America has a first-world economy but a third-world government, but I think even that is being generous now.

    Accountability and consequences make all the difference in the world, but they are entirely foreign, undesirable concepts to America. America fails as a country because it hates and suppresses the things it needs to help it evolve and succeed. It’s like the Vince McMahon of countries.

  6. It disappoints me how many people can watch that video and, as a bystander through a screen, see anything but evidence of the injustice in the police force of America.

  7. The part I can’t figure out right now is that it was fentanyl that they keep pointing to.

    Aren’t you all the same mother fuckers talking about how bad it is that China is flooding our country with fentanyl and killing suburban white teenagers?

    Why aren’t you upset that Floyd was getting poisoned with fent like you are when Brayden, Hayden or Kaden ODs?

    We all know your answer. So just say it.

  8. Honestly at this point I’m convinced that the police academy consists entirely of just making the cops read all the Judge dredd comics over and over for 3 months.

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