42 thoughts on “Such a good boi

  1. We got one of those mesh doors that are magnetic for this reason. Stops them from being the Hulk and the Kool-Aid Man.

  2. My little dog did the same thing and sat there and sneezed like 20 times in a row because his poor nose got the worst of it 😂 but I have gone through it too so I shouldn’t laugh

  3. We have screen netting attached all around the outside of our doors and there is a magnetic clip that meets in the middle. Perfect for keeping out pesky creatures but letting you and your animals in and out

  4. THIS. Times two! My parent’s German Shepherd ran straight thru my original screen door. Paid $$ to get new screen door. My sister’s big ole mutt then promptly ran straight thru the new screen door. This just shows dogs are definitely smarter than me.

  5. Hah! Mine didn’t even wait for the installers to leave before jumping through the brand new front window screen, but you’ve got to love them anyway lol.

  6. I feel ya. I have a 7yo boxer and got a puppy. Put up a mesh net barrier to keep puppy downstairs and in literally less than two minutes Mr 7yo walked right through it tearing the seams apart.

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