26 thoughts on “ONCE every year the sun alignes with this street.

  1. There’s a famous one of these in NY, too. I’m always curious just how far off it is the day before and after.

  2. It would be interesting to see automobile accident data at different times of the year on this particular Street over a period of 50 years. I’m just guessing, but I wouldn’t be surprised that at this time of the year the accident frequency is considerably higher due to the sun being directly in the field of vision of drivers and the reduced visibility. There’s a street near me that does this around Sept 1st every year and it’s blinding and kinda dangerous if you don’t expect it.

    Also it’s very pretty ! 🙂

  3. Of course the person with the 600mm $20,000 dollar big dick lens takes the best shot when I’m sitting in front with a 200mm $100 flaccid fucking crayon lens.

  4. I first read this as a “Californian street” which I thought was a bit broad considering it looks specifically like California Street in San Francisco…and then I reread it and confirmed I’m an idiot 😂

  5. Once a year hundreds of people block traffic and risk theirs and other peoples safety taking these pictures and videos in between moving cars. Similar thing happens in other places too.

  6. In a few millenia when all our written and digital records have been destroyed, future archaeologists will notice that these two major cities had main roads that on one or two specific days, aligned perfectly with the rising sun.

    They will then extrapolate all sorts of philosophical and religious meaning to this, and some may claim such a coincidence could only be the result of extraterrestrial influence.

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