35 thoughts on “My dog Nelly died today and I imagine she had an interesting ride up

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  2. At first I thought that you thought DMX was Nelly and you were just calling him “my dog”. Took me a hot minute to realize that I was the one confused, not you.

  3. I commend your grieving technique. We share you’re sadness, but you and Nelly brought people laughter during one of your darkest hours. I hope that brings you some comfort. You’re a good human. And Nelly is a good dog.

  4. Quite a coincidence them dying on the same day don’t you think? Kinda like if Miley Cyrus died, Hanna Montana would have to “die” too.

  5. My dog died the same day as my grandpa 13 years ago. I knew that day it was so grandpa could have a buddy in heaven.

  6. He was one of my all time favourites. Always listened to him, to help me through bad times. Or to amp me up for the gym. His energy was just at another level. I’m going to really miss Prince Phillip.

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