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  1. Me: can we have queer inclusive sex ed so kids don’t grow up hating themselves for no reason

    Conservatives: omg they’re coming after our way of life

  2. Who calls same sex marriage gay privilege? I mean I’m sure there’s a few nut jobs who do but I wasn’t aware this even existed, let alone on a big enough scale for Ricky to weigh in

  3. People who make this point just want to take shots at religion (specifically Christianity). They don’t actually care about reallocating revenue by taxing a tax-exempt institution. If they did, they would insist all wealthy, 501C3-filed organizations be taxed also, such as the ASPCA and Amnesty International. The joke is fine, and even funny. Just don’t pretend it’s about anything other than hating religion.

  4. Ricky Gervais used to be so cool. Then he made “jokes” comparing trans people to people who want to be animals. And also using a trans person’s deadname and misgendering them multiple times for a “joke”.

  5. or the the top 10% hiding their income to avoid taxes…or…passing legislation aimed at making it nearly impossible for working class urban/black voters to vote in America. Yeah we know. I think we are at the point where we need to stop pointing it out and instead start doing something about it.

  6. This is some of the stupidest logic I’ve ever seen. LGBT people pay taxes just like religious people do also. LGBT non profits dont pay taxes just like religious non-profits dont pay taxes.

  7. Gay people are free to start non-profit organizations too, it isn’t a privilege exclusive to churches.

  8. I mean do I really want to tax a my neighborhood church that also runs the 2nd hand store and helps the homeless in the area and countless other beneficial things to my community and that I was sorta raised in? Not really. Do I want to tax the mega church I see of the interstate that was just built in the last few years? Yes.
    Even as an atheist is a hard choice morally.

  9. Privilege is setting up an investment company that only serves your church so you can invest in the stock market, real estate, etc. with tax exemption because you’re a religious entity

  10. I still don’t understand how anyone can justify being against gay marriage… I’ve never heard an argument that didn’t involve religion.

  11. Wait wait wait wait. This is implying people think having the right to marry who you want is privilege… but that’s absurd. Surely no one would think tha- oh wait. There are people who believe democrats are satanic cannibalistic pedophiles who run their pedo ring under a pizza shop. So I guess it’s not really that absurd

  12. That’s a point though.

    If gays aren’t allowed to participate fully in society (e.g. marry whoever the fuck they want) then why the fuck should they have to pay the same taxes as everyone else??

    Governments are happy to sap us of our wages but dictate who you get to spend your life with.

    Fuck the planet.

  13. Are we not going to talk about the fact that literally any marriage is a tax on people who choose to stay single? I think it’s wonderful that gay people can get married and receive that tax break, but it’s equally as fucked up that people who are either unlucky in love or uninterested in marriage have to give you fucking lovebirds our money in the form of your tax breaks. Marriage is a tax on the single, gay or straight doesn’t matter, you’re taking our money. You’re welcome.

  14. The reason churches don’t pay taxes is they are technically non-profits. That’s what needs to be changed. We need to reclassify churches as for profit businesses.

  15. Hey now, churches had to go through a lot of bribing to not pay taxes, and they had to kill a lot of gays too. That wasn’t easy you know.

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