Duke University will require students to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination before returning for fall semester

Duke University will require students to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination before returning for fall semester

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30 thoughts on “Duke University will require students to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination before returning for fall semester

  1. > documented medical and religious exemptions will be accommodated.

    So not much teeth in this. Still, it will be interesting to see if the FDA fully approves the vaccines before fall starts, otherwise it could be challenged.

  2. Discrimination?

    (Checks Civil Rights Act)

    Sorry, “anti-vaxxer” is not a protected group.

    Which means it doesn’t matter whether it is a public or private university, they can still require the vaccination.

  3. Public schools do this as well when it comes vaccination. You don’t show the school district that your kid is vaccinating, they won’t let you into class. I fully expect by the fall that school districts will make parent make students get one or both shots for 12-15 years once the FDA allows Moderna and Pfizer to vaccinate 12-15 years once the clinical trials are over.

  4. So just like any of the other epidemic diseases for which colleges and universities have required vaccinations for decades?

    I keep hearing about how policies like this are controversial or surprising. What the fuck is wrong with you all?

  5. Yes my school send out an email that said for fall you need a vaccine or you have to wear a mask. So really people are gonna put on the mask to get in the door and then just take it off.

  6. I moved to Virginia from Florida in 1998. I was 14 years old. I wasn’t required to have the meningitis vaccine in Florida but I had to get it in Virginia before I could enroll in school.

  7. Meanwhile my cheapskate university has discovered how much cheaper it is to keep lectures and the like remote, as they can cut down on staff and on campus resources and so seem to be sticking to remote learning except for stuff you can’t do remote like laboratory work.

  8. I’m 39 and this has been normal since like fucking forever. As a kid I couldn’t get into a school without proof of measles/mumps/etc vaccinations. You downvoting asssed Zoomers are so fucking doomed.

  9. People act like this is brand new. You get vaccinated as a kid and need proof of vaccines when registering for school.

    Edit: everyone keeps bringing up FDA approval, but I highly recommend looking into current drugs that are prescribed in the US that are not FDA approved. Some drugs are used “off-label” and so are not approved by the FDA yet but can still be prescribed (“off label” sounds sketchy but it’s really not and is really common). Having an FDA approval is a nice thing to have but it doesn’t mean a drug isn’t safe, it just means it hasn’t been reviewed by the FDA to CONFIRM safety even if that drug has already been tested to prove that it is safe. Same with the vaccine. Also most people don’t realize most vaccines were created when our medical technology was not as good as it is now, so is it really a surprise we can create safer vaccine faster than we did when the polio or mmr vaccines first came out?

  10. Ok but there aren’t really records of these vaccinations. I got vaccinated but it’s not in my immunization records. What’s my proof? A vaccine card that can easily be forged?

  11. Willing to take over/under bets on how long this takes to become a scandal of rich people getting fake COVID-19 vaccination cards for their idiot kids.

  12. Idk how I feel about this one. Even as someone who will be getting the vaccine. Fda hasn’t even had enough time to approve it and it’s already required ? Just a strange precedent.

  13. This is a serious question: what is the correlation between FDA approval and Mandatory vaccination?

    The original Supreme Court ruling which upheld mandatory vaccinations are legal, predates the creation of the FDA. So those legal standards do not hinge on FDA approval.

    So why does everyone think the FDA has to fully approve before mandatory enforcement? I’m genuinely curious, the legal precedent is the opposite.

  14. In 2017 I wasn’t able to register to clases because I was missing my menginitis shot, I dont see a problem for UNIs to require the covid vaccine and feel should be handled the same way. Specially when an outbrwak could mean throuble for the college

  15. so while it mentioned staff in passing, it only kept saying that it required students. I hope all are required if any are required

  16. In Israel universities are open but in order to get into campus you have to either show proof you are vaccinated or a negative covid test from the last 72 hours. Its been really fun to finally study in actual lecture halls

  17. Isn’t this normal? And required vaccinations for just going to school in most states, much less college?

  18. Have any of you ever been to college? They have required proof of vaccination to go to school forever, this is just another one to add to the list that already include tetanus, measles, etc.

  19. I mean I’ve had to provide proof of immunization from prek up to college and I even went to catholic school until college. Even they weren’t crazy enough to quote out of context Bible quotes that say vaccine are the devil. Why the covid vaccine is any different is beyond me.

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