27 thoughts on “Pick THAT up, John

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  2. I feel like I’ve heard this is usually because the dog has an anal gland issue

    Edit: no, I’m pretty sure it’s just a marking behavior. If your dog scoots though, that’s usually a gland thing

    Edit 2: a couple people have commented saying this is about getting the poop high up, which doesn’t really match what I’m seeing elsewhere online. Nor does it make sense evolutionarily. They would mark territory, but there’s no advantage to having the scent marking higher off the ground

  3. The director of the rescue I volunteered at told me some dogs who were raised in stacks of cages, like at a puppy mill, poop like this to get it out of the cage.

  4. Foe the people who say he doesnt have to pick it up….you are disgusting POS’s. Now go stick yourselves against a fence.

  5. We had the occational dog at dog daycare that would do this in their stalls, despite have 2 outdoor play sessions and 2 potty breaks outside every day. The hight in which some of them could fling shit around was both astonishing and horrifying. I hated that job.

  6. They’re trying to tell you they need more fiber in their diet.

    “See? My poop shouldn’t stick to a fence like that.”

  7. I have a rescue beagle that poops like this. I always assumed her old owner kept her locked up in a small kennel/cage. I’ve had her 4 years now and she happily has run of the entire house and yard!

  8. I usually use the plastic bags from Walmart when I walk my dog, the other day the bag had a huge hole in it I missed……need I explain the rest.

  9. Hey, that’s me in the video. This was a dog I walked for a little while that loved to mark his territory and this happened when he ran out of liquids lol.

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