45 thoughts on “Cat go meow

  1. The only cat my family had growing up was black. She was an absolute legend and a bonafide badass, and my luck’s been pretty positive over the years

  2. A lot of ye olde folktales about unlucky things aren’t big scary monsters. It’s always something that looks nice which can trick you. Black cats, succubi, chocolate etc.

  3. My childhood cat, Sally was black, and she was super good luck because she made me happy all the time! I used to love cats back when we got her, and she was always a little emo, but what cat isn’t? Plus, during my emo phase she always used to hang out with me and my friends and listen to MCR together, those were the days. She died in November, but from experience, she was everything but bad luck.

  4. Yeah I had a black cat once, the only thing she was bad luck for was 3 vases, I miss those vases but god I miss her more

  5. Shhhhh can’t post this if normal people find out how cool black cats are they will want one. We need to keep the secret too ourselves

  6. > Black cats are wonderful because you can stare into the void and not only does the void stare back, sometimes it trots up to you happily and begs for pats.

  7. if they hate you thats bad luck. Usually cats who hate you attack you. usually being attacked by a cat is bad luck

  8. Yeah high blood sugar from all the cute sweetness these cats give does technically count as bad luck also all the stuff your late for cause you couldn’t stop petting and playing as well

  9. This has nothing to do with this post. I just made an awesome meme, my first ever meme, and I posted it and apparently I don’t have enough karma, but it won’t tell me how much I need. Does anyone know how much karma I need to post it? PS: I will not be telling anyone the meme as I don’t want the idea to get stolen.

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