48 thoughts on “Can’t drive slow anymore

  1. 1. your overtake him from the left
    2. you overtake him from the right
    3. you shoot him and his kids
    4. you cum on his window

  2. “sir i think theres something wrong with question number 5”

    “why whats wrong?”

    “theres no ‘shoot him with a rocket launcher’ option”

  3. The real problem is if the imagine for the situation has so much JPEG that your blind grandma would feel the same thing you see

  4. Mine was
    “In a rear wheel drive, oversteer following a loss of grip can be rectified by pressing the:”
    1) clutch
    2) brake
    3) accelerator… Initial D idiot me with eurobeat vibrating in my skull obviously chose the wrong answer cause I couldn’t resist, still passed, barely though

  5. Just build a time travel machine and go back to the drivers birth acting as his doctor and push him back in so you can save 5 minutes on journey time!!

  6. My favorite question was “what does this sign mean” for the sign that’s just a white background and the words “NO RIGHT TURNS”

  7. Here’s an actual question from an Australian driving test.

    Q: What does this sign mean?

    | |

    A: There’s a fork in the road.

    B: Turn Left

    C: Turn right

    D: restaurant ahead.

    Made me laugh.

  8. One of my learner’s permit questions was “If a blind person is at the crosswalk, who has the right of way?” and one of the choices was “Whoever’s faster.”

  9. Oh man. This was the railroad question for me.

    What do you do when you come across a railroad crossing with the gates down and the lights flashing but you don’t see a train?

    The answer is not to wait for the gates to go up and the lights to stop flashing.

  10. I swear to god, but on my licence school, during the preparation I had a question : in case of a violent war : in which vehicle will you be safer :
    A. A car.
    B. A godamn tank.

    The answer was obviously the car because in case of accident the explosive contained in the tank will blow up killing us. So in time of war choose the car. The country is morocco btw.

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