Biden wants a 28% corporate tax rate because he’s ‘sick and tired of ordinary people being fleeced’

Biden wants a 28% corporate tax rate because he’s ‘sick and tired of ordinary people being fleeced’

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22 thoughts on “Biden wants a 28% corporate tax rate because he’s ‘sick and tired of ordinary people being fleeced’

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  2. Ever since Reagan corporations and the wealthy have continuously seen their share of the tax burden decrease while ordinary people have continued to take on a higher share of the burden. It’s about time we reversed that trend. The wealth inequality in this country is obscene.

  3. I support the infrastructure package but this sentence from the article is worrying me:

    “Biden cited a recent report that indicated 55 large US companies paid no federal income tax last year.”

    Wouldn’t 28% of 0 still be 0? Shouldn’t we do more to close the loopholes that allow this kind of thing to happen in the first place?

  4. It’s a cruel joke to be paid what we are, tied to consumerism and then pay more taxes than corporations do at times.

    We pay to pay for the privilege to pay.

  5. He’s right. We need to stop giving tax breaks to those who need them the least and give the middle class and the poor a chance to survive. I’d rather the money go to that demographic so that people can have healthcare, own a home, and retire rather than working until they’re dead than have it go to the rich so they can have an extra zero in their bank accounts that they will never spend or another yacht in their fleet.

  6. Today’s press conference was pretty funny. The reporters complaining about raising corporate taxes but conveniently forgetting that this is the lowest corporate tax rate in centuries. It was at like 30-40 under Obama and now it’s fucking 21. It’s a joke how some of these people can ask questions whether the 28% is too high. That rate is nothing compared how much money these corporations made.

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    Always worth posting this. I’m a conservative in the sense that I want some things to be like they were in the 50s and 60s. Not the racism and shit, but the tax rates. I want tax rates like the ones the Boomers were born into.

  8. Republican opposition to this mild corporate tax increase is based completely on bad faith. They know that corporations take advantage of numerous deductions, to the extent that they’re paying as little as $0 in taxes. The base tax rate is mostly irrelevant in terms of its impact on these businesses. On the other hand, the slight increase in the base rate will provide funding for the various bills the Democrats are working on. It’s a good idea.

  9. Go back to 35% that is what it was before 2017, when Mitch Mcconell and Trump lowered it. I hate that whenever its the Dems, its always rolled back less than what it was originally. under Clinton it was 40%, then Bush lowers it, then obama its 35%. Its like there is some good cop bad cop game being played.

    Next republican will make it 15% and then the dems after that will make it 20%.

  10. It was 35% under Obama. Why is it that when a republican drops the corporate tax rate down significantly, but the next democrat only want to make it marginally higher than the republicans?

    It’s like no matter what republicans still win, because democrats can’t grow a backbone.

    Watch when the next republican president drops it down to 10% and the democrat after him only wants to raise it to 15%.

  11. My effective tax rate, plus my health insurance, is 45% of my income. For every dollar I make, one of three levels of government or the health industry get 45¢. This is higher that most “socialized” countries with government ran health care.

    You damn right I’m being fleeced.

  12. GOP: “you can’t tax corporations! that will keep wages low!”

    Dems: “ok, vote to raise the minimum wage then”

    GOP: “no”

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