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  1. Its stuff like this that always makes me push back when people complain about how much people in congress get paid.

    Its a big job that requires you to maintain two homes on your salary, one in DC and one in your home state, and its one that ordinary people would need to fight hard to get. If you make it so it only pays a dollar or something like that, there’s no way that a bartender or a sex worker would ever be able to even consider running for office. So you’re left with the people who are already rich enough that losing a salary won’t hurt them. Which is the millionaires.

  2. Republicans: Fuck the elites!

    Also republicans: AOC was a bartender she’s not qualified for congress!

  3. Plumber here – I humbly accept this offer of going to work with bartenders and sex workers all day. Country before self.

  4. in brazil we have a clown in congress.
    *as in literally circus clown turned tv personality turned politician*.

    not that bad.

  5. This is such a fucking stupid take. Let a bunch of people with no experience or formal education in history, diplomacy, law, economics, military, etc. run the show. Shut the fuck up.

  6. Shit, a plumber is one of the only folks that I wouldn’t want to piss off while they are doing their job. I never understood why people think they are so beneath them. You wouldn’t have a working home without a plumber.

  7. Too bad regular people don’t have money or time for degrees, other education/training, or accolades
    /fame which are often used to gain political favor

  8. Or at least a congress full of sex workers, bartenders, and plumbers that are so good at their job they’ve become millionaires doing it.

  9. I’d rather have a Congress filled with highly intelligent, educated, and articulate atheists who have had thorough background checks. I’m talking TS/SCI with polygraph. Until we start requiring stringent qualifications to hold public office, we’ll continue to get low quality individuals bitching about Jewish Space Lasers.

  10. I rather have intelligent, educated, and empathetic people who know how the world works, regardless of income and profession.

  11. This is pure stupid. Most aren’t millionaires till they get into congress. Like a certain bartender or barista. Who now is a very wealthy but she wasn’t before she went in. It’s doesn’t matter if you send a poor man to negotiate with billionaires. Being a plumber or prostitute doesn’t make you moral. It just makes you not good at capitalism.

  12. There are ignorant conservatives and ignorant liberals. This is an ignorant conservative belief spoken by an ignorant liberal.

    1. What makes you think these sex workers, bartenders, and plumbers won’t be corrupted by the same forces that corrupt our politicians? Are politicians just born evil? Are sex workers, bartenders, and plumbers immune to the effects of money and revolving doors? We have a SYSTEMIC corruption problem, the system causes corruption.
    2. Congress’s primary purpose is to pass laws. Law school is widely regarded as one of the harder professional trainings. Do you really want non experts working on things that are vastly above their paygrade? Do you really want people changing law when they probably can’t give you a cohesive story about how a bill is written, passed, signed, and enforced?
    3. Would you rather have your barista be your mechanic (because mechanics are known for making up problems/overcharging)?

    The problem is corruption. There are good millionaires and bad millionaires, just like there are good bartenders and bad bartenders.

  13. No thanks, ideally our lawmakers should be highly intelligent and accomplished people that have excelled in the field of law or fields laws seek to regulate. This kind of rhetoric is simply our version of Boomer’s “I’m voting for that guy because I want to have a beer with him”. AOC is great and I’m not opposed to having more like her in congress, but there’s always a need for wisdom and experience that is only earned through a successful career.

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