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  1. Fuck Alzheimer’s/dementia. After mum’s last stroke when she had the last little bit of herself left we went for a short walk in the hospital hallway. About halfway down the hall she turned to face the wall and told me to just shoot her and get it over with. I told her we would love her and take care of of her always. She said thank you, I love you and we never talked about it again. RIP mom.

  2. Haunting, but beautiful. I would be proud to have a father so kind and compassionate, even if he didn’t know me. Guess I needed to flush out my tear ducts today.

  3. My grandmother is going through alzheimers. It’s been slow, but some days she’s so bad she can’t remember that she had children. You can sometimes talk her through it and it’ll connect again. But that’s more difficult these days.

    It breaks my mom’s heart. And mine for hers.

  4. I never had grandparents, so I’ve never had to deal with Alzheimer’s / dementia in my personal life, but as I age (I’ll be 30 next year), I’ve become more and more scared that my mom will forget me someday.

    It terrifies me because we’re all we have in terms of family, and I can’t think of what would be worse, me losing her or her losing me.

    Fuck, man. I’m gonna call her now.

  5. I work at a nursing home, particularly with Alzheimer’s/Dementia and it can be really tough. I have a hard time watching my patients decline. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have a loved one so close to you go through that.

  6. I’m caring for mom 90 yr old mom with dementia now. My entire life one or both my parents have had some kind of major health crisis happening. Through both my pregnancy I cared for both my parents and extended family. I can so identify.

  7. I had conversations like this often with my great grandmother before she passed. I remember one time we had a whole conversation about her great grandson and she asked if I wanted to see a picture. I already knew what it was gonna be, but it was a photo of me.

  8. My dad has dementia and this is the way it is for us every day. I know this sounds bad, but at times my mom calls me to talk to my dad like I am his mother who died 40 years ago to calm him down so he doesn’t try to run off again. To him my uncle, my brother and my son are all the same person. When he sees me, most of the time he calls me by my mothers name. He has told me repeatedly that he has seen his dad walking in the back garden, which his dad passed several years back. I was looking thought pictures with him one day and we were talking about one of my aunts and uncles that had passed away and my dad said that they had regenerated and came back to life. He frequently asks my mother where she is while she is standing in front of him.

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