35 thoughts on “A sign outside a pet store disallowing the sale of bunnies until after Easter

  1. Shelters do this a lot as well with black cats around Halloween. They’re purchased/adopted as “halloween decorations” and not a pet or family member.

  2. It’s good to see them do it, but I wish they would never sell bunnies in pet stores. They’re closer in level of care to a cat than a hamster.

  3. I used to work in a pet shelter and have seen the effects of this first hand. Be responsible with your pets people! They are commitments

  4. Dyed Easter chicks used to be a popular gift – which is even worse, because at least you can keep bunnies in your house.

  5. I will never be able to accept the fact that the US (and maybe other countries? Idk) made “I’ll buy a living creature as a funny little easter gift for my child without a second thought, mistreat it for a month or two, than get sick of (barely) taking care of it and discard it” into a thing so many people do. Who had that idea??? Who did this???

    It makes me sick. This is disregard for life. Fuck people who do this.

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  6. Every pet store needs to do this. Owning an animal is a commitment. It’s not a plaything you can just neglect or toss out when you get bored of it. It’s a living, breathing creature that is fully-reliant on you for survival.

    I should also note that bunnies make awesome pets! They can be litterbox trained, have great personalities, and can be very affectionate. I had bunnies growing up and they just loved the attention and would hop up right next to you on the couch and demand pets with little annoyed grunts. They are also SO soft. I could pet them all day. I miss keeping bunnies, but my one dog chasses wild bunnies in the yard and I’m afraid she’ll do the same if I get a pet one.

  7. Yah, bunnies take work, they’re cute, but the amount of space and attention they need requires a lot of forethought and planning, and most people aren’t prepared for it when they become adults.

  8. As somebody who has 6 bunnies and loves them dearly, I agree with this 100%. Bunnies deserve love and care, not as a present to be dumped. Be responsible with your pets people 😀

  9. Any way of finding out this particular pet store u/iamnumair?

    Would be great to publicly acknowledge them for this!

  10. Rabbits are such a great pet, but they are definitely a lot for work.

    Had to put my girl down at age 6, but she sits on my dresser now.

  11. I didn’t know this was a thing! Poor bunnies, just to appease some spoiled ass privileged kid 🙄

    We live in the country and last year during the height of covid, ppl actually brought their dogs out to this area and just let them
    Out of their cars! Anyways, a cute puppy wandered into our yard, hungry etc, we fed him, gave him water, & he never left. We kept him, we named him Biscuit, and he’s so happy and healthy now.

    we have never owned a pet before and our daughter always wanted a dog, so she got her wish lol. Wish I could post a pic !

  12. My mom wanted to get a bunny as a pet for my little brother. My brother has mental issues and I knew it would’ve been a very bad idea. Not only because she would be the one taking care of it, but we just don’t have the proper knowledge or space to house an animal like that. I was able to convince her to get a hamster so she could teach my brother how to care for it, how to treat small animals like that and, unfortunately when the time comes, about death. I knew she’d be the only one caring for it though, so it was mainly something I did for her so she could have a companion for a few years. She just loves the little monster. If we had gotten a bunny, we would’ve had to give it to a shelter very soon after getting it, so I wholeheartedly support what this store is doing. Don’t get a pet as a gift; do your research on what kind you’re looking for, the commitment you’re wanting and how long you want this companion. They aren’t toys, they’re living creatures that need love.

  13. As an owner of two bunnies. I fully support not buying them for your kids. Or as gifts. They are ALOT of work. Destructive, judgemental, PETTY Little bastards. That being said I absolutely love my bunnies, they are both free roam and I would never give up my little gremlins. They took over my bed and one of my pillows, but at least my bun Bandit will tuck in my legs sometimes when I’m going to sleep. I’ve never had someone do that for me, not even my mom. And my bun Smokey will sleep on top of your head or face if you use her pillow or sleep in her spot. (It was mine originally until I was woken up being suffocated by her). They also throw the dustpan at me while I’m trying to clean their litterboxes. Right into my achilles tendon. Every. F**king. Time.

    Also it cost $410 to spay ONE bunny. Their vet bills are extremely high. And you need to find an EXOTIC vet who specializes in bunnies, those are hard to find and you might have to visit another city for one.

  14. I like how more feed stores are starting to do this with baby chicks as well. People buy them with no intention of having grown chickens. It’s makes zero sense.

  15. All those “free bunnies to a good home” or “free guinea pigs” = free snake food. Knew several people who would literally stock up by having their wife/gf/kid go and get the animals then feed them to their snakes after Easter.

  16. They shouldn’t be sorry. The real inconvenience are inconsiderate people buying the poor bunnies around Easter and forgetting they’re living beings too. THEY should be sorry. Not the pet shop.

  17. The local Tractor Supply in AZ would post a sign like this and suspend sales of baby chicks for the same reason. Also, ASPCA told me when I adopted two black cats that they suspend black cat adoption during Halloween. That one is more messed up though as they told me the cats get abandoned and, less often but often enough to mention, people sacrifice them.

  18. What kind of low life just abandons an animal they bought as a gift? The fuck you think was going to happen, the bunny gonna put on some gloves and start hampering local hunters? Unbelievable

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