49 thoughts on “[SPOILER] Jan Błachowicz vs. Israel Adesanya

  1. great fight. Jan’s striking is so disrespected. Jan did a great job picking and throwing clean punches but not staying in the pocket. Great gameplan and he’s truly the best LHW right now. Izzy looked good tho and I think he beats most of the LHW division but Rakic and Glover look like tough match ups for him. I expected Izzy to look a little more superior when it came to the boxing and I thought Izzy would throw a lot more but Jan really looked like he belonged on the feet with a world class kickboxer. I saw a lot of potential in him when he pieced up a pre washed Gus but he exceeded everyones expectations so many times

  2. OUR GUY GOT IT DONE!!! Holy shit I’m so happy for Jan, couldn’t have happened to a better guy. Adesanya is still a champion. Went in there and fought at nearly 20 pounds weight difference. Great fight.

  3. commentary deserves to be shamed for their bias, especially considering they shit on the judges. jan outstruck israel in the standup, was more accurate and arguably landed cleaner shots.

  4. Jan’s size and wrestling really made this what we should’ve expected. Izzy did good on the feet but an elite Light heavyweight with high level wrestling and grappling and good striking was just too much. So much for Izzy vs Jon

  5. Maybe the worst commentary I’ve heard from Rogan since Aldo Hominick.

    Joe was acting like Jan was getting outclassed easily until that first TD. He wouldn’t shut up about Jan biting on feints while ignoring that Izzy wasn’t doing shit with those reactions and Jan out landed Izzy in each of the first three rounds.

  6. That was weirdly… immersive? I don’t know but obviously wasn’t like Izzy Gastelum but more like Whittaker Till, not a fight I’d rewatch much but I still kinda loved it. And that last round, I mean Jan was tired but Izzy was clearly fatigued to shit.


    DC laughing at Joe when he was talking about Jan getting outstruck (when Izzy was in fact, getting outstruck) was hilarious lmao.

    He was better than both Costa (who ate every leg kick) and Romero in checking the leg kicks which helped him keep up his movement. Absolutely insane seeing Izzy being wobbled by a leg kick in round 5 too.

    I think Blachowivz was able to use a combination of both skill (those timings on the takedown didn’t even give Izzy a chance to counter) and power to counter Izzy’s technical striking. Good showing.

  8. Holloway vs Poirier all over again, speed lost to size and strength except at least Holloway had the volume edge

  9. The commentary bias was painful this fight. DC and Rogan went from the best pairing to unbelievably annoying. Constantly pointing out Jans heaving breathing and him biting on feints while he is doing stuff to score points and win rounds was doing my head in.

  10. This commentary is fucking atrocious and is so bias. 0 respect for Jan checking almost all of the calf kicks. 0 respect for Jan being able to stand and trade with the “greatest striker” in the UFCs history. No mention of Izzies non existant ground game. No mention of how Izzy slowed down in the 4th and 5th, but Jan was breathing out of his mouth and collapsing according to the commentary team. This is pathetic.

  11. Incredibly biased commentary aside, I though Jan controlled nearly every round. Checked kicks beautifully, evasive, and landed the bigger shots.

  12. Anyone notice that Adesanya pretended to be “woozy” or “wobbly” in the 5th round seconds before Blachowicz landed that takedown? It looked like he was trying to bait Blachowicz to throw but instead Jan just blasted him with a takedown.

  13. That was the most stressed I have been watching a UFC fight ever in my life. I was so cold, nervous, and shaking so bad. I love watching these fights but maaaan I don’t ever want to feel that way again watching the UFC LOL.

    Great fight nonetheless.

  14. I think if most people watched that fight on mute with no commentary most would score that fight 49-46 for Jan

  15. Joe fucking sucks. He has predetermined gameplans for both fighters and if they dont do its like he cant see what they’re doing works.

  16. no one got knocked the fuck out, Jan gets to prove that he isn’t there to just warm the belt, honestly I’m happy

  17. Why is no one mentioning how amazing of a job Jan did at CHECKING THOSE LEG KICKS. He neutralized a huge part of Izzy’s gameplan

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