25 thoughts on “Chunky never gets much love on Reddit, so I bought him a little bow tie to show him off :)

  1. he’s a cute void, even with his angry “why is dis on me?” face. I bet he’s got quite a different look with a toy to attack!

  2. I love that hes scowling 😂 somehow makes him more singular and cute? Anyways congrats on your adorable puss!

  3. Cats look best when you take the pic at their eye level and get him in some sunlight to show off his lovely fur. Get the camera closer. Chunky is adorbs. He should be getting like 10k + upvotes. You gotta work his angles.

  4. “Human, does humiliating me going to give you that Reddit karma? Well, you’ll get your karma alright…”

  5. > Chunky never gets much love on Reddit

    Probably because Chunky is out here doing his best Chucky impression every time

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