30 thoughts on “A perfect partnership

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  2. Well, a Rhino’s pretty damn ornery, which makes the best friend to have lol. That bird can snuggle right up and NOTHING is gonna mess with it.

  3. Finally the rhino has avenged the death of his lover by vanquishing his foe. But at what cost? AT WHAT COST????????

  4. There was some kids computer game in the early 00s that had a whole bit about the symbiotic relationship between these two species, I can still hear the song in my head.

  5. If what I and the 3 other people in existence who have watch the wildkrats have learned, that bird eats the bugs that the rhino attracts and in turn the rhino gets rid of its bugs.

    Edit: somehow I remeber this from atleast 5 years ago but likely more but still cant remember what I learned in school 2 hours ago.

  6. This is like a typical human relationship, you get used for providing and at the same time they will shit all over you

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