34 thoughts on “Whose side are you on?

  1. This guy is the ultimate piece of shit. He’s been in office too long, had too much power, and never gave a damn about regular people. I relish the day he’s truly done.

  2. And his idiots voters think this is a win because “he’s owning libs” but in reality he’s fucking over Americans as a whole. I can’t wait for the day that Mitch McConell no longer walks this earth.

  3. I think it’s insane that they get to vote to raise their own pay. Imagine the employees at a company getting to vote on their own salary.

  4. Yeah and the worst part, if he dies normally the Governor would appoint the successor to fill his term however new legislation McConnell is pushing in the Kentucky General Assembly would strip the governor of that power and put it into the hands of the state GOP. Of course, since the Gov is a Democrat and would appoint a Democrat for the seat we can’t have that, now can we McTurtle.

  5. No but you don’t understand. Mitch *worked* for those 6 pay raises. If these plebs want six pay raises they should just, like, vote for them.

  6. It should be illigal for them to vote for their own pay raises without giving the people a raise as well. If they get to vote on minimum wage we should be the ones voting on their pay raises.

  7. If you raise the minimum wage of white folks you have to do the same for POC and he hasn’t figured out a way to do a color scale.

  8. Not to mention that we’re basically paying for mitch not to work. All he does is rubber stamp approve republicon judges and rubber stamp deny all legislation that doesn’t benefit the 1%.

  9. Congressional pay should be a function of median household income. The better off Americans are the better off congressmen are.

  10. The American people should vote on whether Congress gets a pay raise. It should be on the ballot every 4 years. Maybe then they’ll actually start working for us and actually earn it.

  11. It is disgusting that raising the minimum wage didn’t get passed. How can America tell other countries that they are abusing people’s human rights when they treat their own citizens like slaves??

  12. Make the law that the minimum wage must always be raised when the US Congress gets pay inreases and the percentage of increase must be equal. .

  13. I can’t think of a more repugnant living being! Oh wait! Trump, De Voss, Giuliani, Pence!
    Never mind

  14. I have words to say but they’ve all been said. Embarrassing comes to mind. That this guy and his future felon wife have more money than they will ever need. Denying people that really need it. Where is the justice?? Where is the logical reasoning?? Why do people not do anything about it?? The whole GOP is a sad excuse of popular representation of the very people who enable them to ride the gravy train.

  15. One can say all one wants about Drumpf, but McConnell is the real symbolically representative face of America’s woes. Drumpf believes in Drumpf. McConnell has some vague apostolic belief in the free market and protecting his own bank balance. i.e. he measures health by wealth, the wealthier the healthier… at all costs. This man has been bought and sold more times than a mid-level trading card, but over time he has become a more and more powerful and noticeable totem of corporate greed, laissez-faire economics, corruption and pure fucking evil.

  16. And his wife is involved in fraud. I mean, at least minorities are ok to some Reps if they’re playing the con game??

  17. Kentucky is one of the poorest states of the Union and Sen McConnell has served as senator since 1985.

    McConnell is a millionaire whose own wife has ties with the Chinese government.

    What the *uck is wrong with the citizens of Kentucky ?

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