India downgraded from ‘free’ to ‘partly free’ in 2020 – US-based research institute voices fear the world’s largest democracy is descending into authoritarianism under Modi

India downgraded from ‘free’ to ‘partly free’ in 2020 – US-based research institute voices fear the world’s largest democracy is descending into authoritarianism under Modi

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26 thoughts on “India downgraded from ‘free’ to ‘partly free’ in 2020 – US-based research institute voices fear the world’s largest democracy is descending into authoritarianism under Modi

  1. Yes, talk to members of the Indian Diaspora who aren’t Hindu Brahmins you’d have known about this since he was elected.

    Modi has been a member of a fascist organization, founded and modelled after fascist movements in 1930’s Europe, called the RSS. This group organized a pogrom in Gujarat that targeted Muslims. Muslims are too Modi and the RSS what Jews were to Nazis. We know this because the founded of the RSS stated thats how they saw Muslims.

    India is going to become far worse before it gets better.

  2. India was never free as a woman or anyone in lower castes can tell you so designation just going for little more accuracy. And really is it a surprise that a conservative government regardless of country finds freedom to be a nuisance? It’s built into their philosophy.

  3. India is rated at 67 in the freedom index. Just for comparison, Canada is rated at 94 and United States is rated at 83.

  4. “democracy is descending info authoritarianism”

    Each passing day this sentence is becoming true for more and more countries around the world…

  5. Yeah, the things going on with Sikh Farmers and the harassment of Muslims is not a good look, and they want to be a big player in the region and Cooperate with Japan, Australia, and The United States against China. I notice they can’t take criticism. Comes with the territory.

  6. It’s truly amazing as we have so much more access to information that humans by and large around the world are saying “ya know what, this authoritarian nationalistic stuff sounds awesome!”

    It’s just really scary

  7. Every time I say Fuck Modi. It’s funny how all of these dick riders will come out but don’t know how hard they are riding. imagine fighting for Independence then getting f*****d up the butt by these bums.

    Freedom fighters would be shook if they saw all this lol

  8. Americans elected Trump, Indians elected Modi, and Brazilians elected Bolsonaro. They all experienced brilliant 2020.
    Sorry I forgot Boris from UK.

  9. why does it seem like this is happening everywhere right now? or has it always been going on but im getting older

  10. You guys worried about Modi have no idea about the guy next in line. Yogi Adityanath will make Modi look like a baby.

    The next decade or two are trying times.

  11. What is more important is that a lot of Indians ( NRI ) who stay happily in developed nations actually support this ( as they know they are not going to come back ).

  12. This is what happens when you elect a government obsessed with overt nationalism and a twisted version of Hinduism which revolves around Aryan/Brahmin supremacy.

    This is the same government who’s roots and ideology are deeply [influenced by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime.]( The crazy thing is that they do not even try to deny this.

    It comes as no surprise when one learns that since the BJP/RSS has been elected in 2014, violence against low caste Hindus, Dalits, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, LGBTQ+ communities and the sexual assault of women have skyrocketed. India currently ranks [142 out 180 nations on the Press Freedom Index]( and Human rights groups such as [Amnesty International were forced to halt all operations and exit the nation.]( A recent report by the USA stated that Indian minorities were facing [severe religious persecution]( The Indian government has also passed controversial laws restricting Muslim immigration. Protests against this law turned into a riot, with the police and Hindu Nationalist mobs killing dozens of Muslims.

    The government tried a similar tactic with the Farmers protests in January 2021 by sending in Hindu Nationalist mobs, supported by the police, to assault and beat farmers. Video footage of the initial attempts showed both the mob and police specifically targeting Turban wearing Sikhs, causing a great uproar among the Sikh diaspora as the situation eerily began to resemble the beginning of the 1984 Sikh genocide in which the same police force (Delhi Police) was complicit. One of the person that was arrested during these raids on the protestors was a Dalit Sikh activist named [Nodeep Kaur]( who was not only physically tortured but raped by the police as well. In her statement after courts approved her bail, she stated that the police also allowed Hindu Nationalists to assault her while she was in police custody.

    The violence isn’t only limited to India. In the past few weeks Hindu nationalists in Australia have physically assaulted several Sikhs with hammers and bats. Australia was forced to deploy Riot Police when a group of Hindu Nationalists attempted to provoke communal violence by blaring nationalist songs with lyrics saying that Non-Hindus must submit to Hindu rule if they wish to live within India in front of a Sikh temple. Western politicians, such as UK MP Claudia Webb, were tormented by threats of rape and physical violence after publicly supporting the on going Farmers Protests.

    India is slowly turning into a fascist Hindu Nationalist state.

  13. China has been rightly condemned for its human rights violations in the western press, but the human rights situation in India is reported on with far less frequency. Same goes for how Iran is criticized far more than Saudi Arabia for doing the same exact things.

    Being a friend of US neocons really is a perk.

  14. Judiciary has lost all its credibility under Modi. How shamelessly chief justice is picking up cases and giving verdicts to appease the government is unprecedented. Previous chief justice helped the government by passing favourable judgments and was awarded a seat in the upper house. If you are an ass licker, you can mint a lot of money under the present government, example is all the media channels.

    Police was already corrupt to the core, doing fake encounters to not bring to light the nexus between criminals and government.

    The intelligence agencies are mere a puppet of government, sensationalizing cases to divert people from real issues like unemployment and inflation. Just for the information of all those who do not know, the tax on fuel (Diesel and Petrol) is 226% in India, which is highest in the world, and effective tax is 44% on the salaried class, but instead of addressing this ossue, government is busy in arresting comedians,actors, poets, activists and journalists.A 80 years old poet who is suffering from multiple terminal diseases was arrested in 2018 and still awaiting the trial in jail.

    Government has very strong presence in Social media and their IT Cell is involved in cheapest types of comments including harrasment of females, death and rape threats.

    Farmers are protesting since last 100 days as a draconian law has been made to favour the corporates and to exploit the farmers, but since these corporates provide funding from back channel to government for elections, government is not amending these laws. In fact they have introduced electoral bonds to get funding from these corporates which does not disclose the source of funds. Similarly, a fund was floated for covid relief, but even after a year its details have not been disclosed.

    So, you can see how broken is the whole system.

  15. India is the only country on Earth with a worse legislator to citizen ratio than the United States.

    Congratulations, India.

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