Breaking: US Senate votes to pass 1.9T pandemic relief bill, positive outlook on equities



The US Senate just passed the 1.9T pandemic relief bill after negotiating with a centrist Democrat for the final vote to break the 50-50 tie.

After a month of a downtrend in equities, on Friday, markets rallied into the green. I expect that this bill will likely be a catalyst that kicks markets off next week further into green territory as more households, especially those who are making less than 70k per year can anticipate a 1400 check in the coming weeks.

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31 thoughts on “Breaking: US Senate votes to pass 1.9T pandemic relief bill, positive outlook on equities

  1. Yet many of these jobs are not returning. What happens when unemployment benefits end in September? This is going to be a bumpy year.
    This K “recovery” is gonna continue to be hell for many.

  2. Let’s gooo! Monday can’t come soon enough. But everyone should just forget about the market and enjoy their weekend 🙂

  3. Hope you bought the dip! Might be short lived but I bet all next week is green! I don’t think it’s priced in!

  4. Is anyone else worried about what will happen when all the renters and people with mortgage forbearance have to pay back all the money they owe at some point? Anybody have an idea of how that will go and how it will affect the economy?

  5. They still need to figure out what to do with the yield. The main problem is there is no demand from foreign buyers. It’s a huge problem and the only way ro fix that is with higher yields, which the gvt cannot afford.

  6. The only thing I see regarding student loans is that the cancelled debt will not be considered taxable income so I am guessing they are gearing up to pass something on student loans at a later point?

    curious what other people think of this

  7. Politics aside, with millions without jobs, businesses closed, schools closed, people sick, medical bills, starvation, death, states going broke, cities going broke, hospitals at the verge of closure, and internal turmoil in America, how is the rescue plan bad? America needs help!!

  8. Inflation is the cause of the current market downturn and it hasn’t gone away, if anything the relief bill may make it worse. This is the biggest threat to stocks.

    Don’t believe me? Look at stocks in the fall to winter of 2018. NASDAQ 100 dropped over 23% culminating in its worst Christmas Eve drop ever. It was due to Fed interest rate increases and the red only ended when the Fed pledged to stop raising rates.

    Could we get a 20% drop from the Feb 12 high? I think we could if 10-year Treasuries rise to 1.75-2%. Again, I’m thinking the red will stop only with Fed action, i.e. they announce a new Operation Twist or something else to tamp down long term interest rates. The Fed is watching the economy and not the stock market and with markets still relatively near peaks don’t expect the Fed to lift a finger for awhile.

    The pandemic relief is likely a sell on the news event (House votes Tuesday). So yes Monday/Tuesday I could see green and red thereafter. Would be happy to be wrong but after seeing 2018, higher interest rates is something you can’t mess with.

  9. I member last time the market tanked when the first $600 stim bill was passed. I bought calls like an idiot. Not this time. Puts on spy

  10. *Good news*

    *Markets red*

    At what point will I learn that bad news about meme stocks is the only foolproof way to predict growth?

  11. oh lord just give me a few bullish weeks to unload some bags. I promise to only buy good stocks going forward (just kidding I never learn).

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