20 thoughts on “An alligator snapping turtle hibernating under a sheet of ice

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  2. I love the energy of this pic.

    Dude wasn’t only happy to have this opportunity to see that, but he was so damn excited, that he told his buddy “Hey man take a pic of me and the turtle!”

    And smiles as if he’s having the time of his life.

  3. I came face to face with one of these things while treading water in a lake, waiting for the ski boat to loop around and pick me up. They are terrifying. I just started swimming, I left the skis behind.

  4. Those mo fos are hateful sons a bitches. If they clamp down on something sturdy enough to stay attached to you, you gotta cut their heads off to get them to unclamp.

  5. All those times I swam in ponds and swimming holes growing up in the South, gives me the heebie jeebies thinking about it now. We knew these monsters existed, but swam anyway.

  6. For those who are curious. The turtle can hibernate like that by breathing in water through diffusion of oxygen through its anus. Most aquatic turtles have some form of butt-breathing to supplement their underwater duration.

  7. Sometimes I get very jealous of countries with wide varieties of interesting reptiles, like this. I’d love to be able to go herping. When I visited Florida it made me soooo happy to see lizards and turtles and alligators everyday.

  8. As a fool who some how survived a rural Missouri childhood of fucking with these things, I wouldn’t trust that it wouldn’t bust through the ice and take a chunk outta my ass to take this picture.

  9. I came across one of these laying down on the road. I tried to shoo it off the road and it was fast as fuck, it turned and ran at me to attack me!!! I’ve never looked at turtles the same way again

  10. Every spring/early summer, I drive my husband bonkers with “pull over now. There’s a turtle or tortoise in the road, and we’re gonna help him cross.”

    The big alligator snapping turtles are on their own. I’m scared to grab those! I turned around on a (guesstimated) 40 pounder a couple of years ago, thinking that it might have been a gopher tortoise. Left him on the shoulder of the road, because nope. I hope he made it, but I’m not Steve Irwin.

  11. I went to a reptile roadside attraction in PA..the alligator snapper there had civil war musket shells removed from its carapace (top shell)…fucking amazing dinosaur right there…

    I hope Cleetus didnt make soup out of that one….

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