23 thoughts on “The relation of Abe Lincoln with cats

  1. Looks like a repost. I’ve seen this image 1 time.

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  2. Also LOL Buchanan was as hated then as Trump is now. Apparently they are in a tailspin for worst president ever.

  3. “No one has done more for the cat community than me; with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln”

  4. “Thank god you are cats and can’t understand this terrible strife that is going on”

    Your honor, I’m not a cat.

  5. Interesting fact. During the Gettysburg Address, a cat wandered in when Lincoln was supposed to arrive. Many, who hadn’t seen Lincoln before but knowing that he had whiskers, assumed that Lincoln was in fact a cat. Ready to proceed, they allowed the cat to give the speech and that speech is what we now know as the Gettysburg Address. Records of Lincoln’s intended Gettysburg Address exist only in fragments but almost certainly started with “What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class…”

  6. That Admiral had some ears to hear Abraham Lincoln presumably whispering to kittens during a seige.

    Just imagining a tall tall man like Abe walking across a war torn field dead bodies and explosions around him just talking to the kittens in his arms just paints a picture thats too relatable.

  7. Little known fact, Lincoln’s stovepipe hat wasn’t just a fashion statement. He used it to keep stray kittens warm and safe whenever he was out and about. Taking it off only to stack more napping kittens (which is why it was taller than traditional stovepipe hats for more kitten capacity)

  8. Ok ok ok, when I read this I for sure thought it was bullshit. It’s the perfect storm, Lincoln is constantly attributed things that he never said or did, and the internet loves cats and sick burns so *of course* this was made up, right?


    This weird ass Ent-man of a president *fucking loved* cats.

    Abe’s friend Caleb Carmen said Lincoln would ignore others and talk exclusively to his cats for a half hour at a time. His wife said cats were his “hobby”.

    Not only did this human smoke-stack sniff out stray kittens in the union camp and dote on those little floofs like the soldiers surrounding him didn’t view him as the iconic resolute behemoth of their time, later that day he made a **colonel** attending an officers meeting with him assure him that those three kittens were “given plenty of milk and treated kindly.”

    A fucking colonel. Not private Jesup of the Massachusetts 5th militia, a god damn colonel. That’s the priority he set on it. This colonels only interaction with who would go on to be a literal legendary figure in history was being told he fucking better take good care of those kittens he saw outside earlier.

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