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  1. Having lived and worked in a couple of other popular national parks, I can confirm this. I sometimes questioned how some of the tourists actually found their way to the park on their own (before widespread use of smartphones and GPS navigation in vehicles).

  2. I mean, I’d guess it also has to do with some people being lazy… Sure, they could use a slightly complex / more time consuming way of garbage disposal but they might be lazy and rather litter around it.

    I don’t know. I’m just speculating here lol.

  3. Yeah. You hear about people being busted walking out on the thermals…and even like boiled alive sometimes. And there are signs everywhere.
    Humans can read…bears can’t…yet we never hear about boiled bears.

    Edit: I was thinking of Yellowstone because it was the time before coffee. Also I should have probably added /s because I’m aware that many an animal has certainly stumbled upon the thermals by mistake…but I stand by the idea of people REALLY doing some stupid shit when out in these parks.

  4. A ranger at Rocky Mountain National park explained to a nice woman from Iowa the reason she can’t go into the meadow while it is elk rutting season “ma’am, the elk in that meadow are in the mood for 2 things and your really aren’t equipped for either of them”. It took her a minute, she turned bright red and wandered back to her car.

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  6. One of my dad’s college friends did an internship at the Grand Canyon back in the day, and a few of the stories made their way to my siblings and me. Dumbest question he was ever asked: “How long did it take to dig?”

  7. Yosemite bears mean business. The igloo bear – only opened up cars to look for food if an igloo cooler was visible. The hatchback bear – only opened hatchback cars after finding food in a hatchback way back when.

    They can smell one old French fry in your vehicle. That scented lipgloss under the seat? They smell that too.

  8. I’ve worked with the public for 30 years and most people are painfully stupid. And it has nothing to do with education. It is IQ and the ability to reason and or draw a conclusion.

  9. As a tourist who forgot they had popcorn in their coat pocket while sleeping in Yosemite, I don’t see your point.

  10. Homer: Bear Patrol Tax $5.00. What? This is an outrage! It’s the biggest tax increase in history!

    Lisa: Actually, Dad, it’s the smallest tax increase in history.

    Homer: Let the bears pay the bear tax. I pay the Homer tax.

    Lisa: That’s the homeowner tax.

    Homer: Well, anyway, I’m still outraged.

  11. Rangers know. Once had a talk with a ranger in Yellowstone trying to warn stupid tourists away from a mama bear *and her cubs*. While I was busy keeping the ranger between me and the bears, she explained that if a stupid tourist gets hurt, they have to put the bear down. Then she quietly told me she’d rather shoot stupid tourists.

  12. This gap was demonstrated by one of our dumbest appointed officials claiming the intelligence of bears poses a threat to schools.

  13. When we had kids and had to baby proof stuff and install gates, it was really surprising to me how many adults couldn’t figure out straight forward safety mechanism.

  14. Here in WNC, more specifically in Cherokee, we get some real dumbass tourists. There is a significant elk population in Cherokee, and when heading up the GSMNP highway, you’ll occasionally see them wandering the surrounding fields, sometimes they’ll even walk up close enough to your car that you could pet them if you wanted.

    And yet **every** time I head up that way, you’ll see some fucking dipshit park his car on the side of the road to get out and take pictures, getting *extremely* close to the elk, all the while completely forgetting that these untamed fucking beasts would murder them in a second if they wanted.

    Now there’s a giant glowing road sign saying to stay in your cars, but there’s such little ranger activity in that stretch that it’s largely ignored. The very absence of common sense and decency of these fucking dumb pricks just makes me grind my teeth.

  15. It’s not even just the garbage cans. People just leave trash and food out on picnic tables and it draws the bears in. It very unfortunate because it draws all the wildlife in the park to the areas where all the people are. We went on a multi day backpack trip into the backcountry and barely saw anything other than birds. All the deer and bears are living close to the valley where all the day trippers dwell.

  16. I heard at a Ranger talk that they changed their latest bin design because the bears and raccoons were working together to get them open.

  17. When I was in Yellowstone waking around the geysers I heard a woman say “it can’t possibly be THAT hot!” And she then bent down to touch the water a find out how hot it was. About ten seconds later an eagle flew overhead. If there had been guns involved somehow that would have been the most American moment of my entire life.

  18. Every year the Yellowstone visitor center receives multiple requests from tourists asking them to move the Wildlife Crossing signs so that the animals will cross the street somewhere else.

  19. We have bear proof garbage cans here for obvious reasons and tourists either can’t figure out how to open them (though there are instructions with fucking pictures on them) so they throw their trash on the ground next to it, OR they open it and don’t latch the lid when finished, defeating the entire purpose of the bear proof trash can.

  20. I started working at parks this year and when we had the whole shut down we shut down the playgrounds too and locked bathrooms. Also, other buildings. People would come with their children to the park, which had caution tape all around it, and ask why cant their kid play on the play ground or why are the bathrooms closed, well gee I don’t know, could be the pandemic. Took every fiber of my being not to start a fight with some of the real dumb ones who tried to sneak in and remove the caution tape for their kids to play on the playground.

  21. I was on Isle Royale national park, and planned to hike one end to the other. I was going to take the “harder” route, and had to check in with a ranger. She was concerned because people get lost on this trail occasionally, and she wanted to avoid having to rescue me. She asked if I had a GPS, I said no I have a map and compass. She asked what I would do if I got lost, I said I would keep the lake on my right, if it was on my left, I would turn around. We were both a bit skeptical of each other, and I hiked that route. I was a bit nervous after our conversation, and it turned out to be a super easy route to follow. I felt vindicated, and then I met some of my fellow hikers and saw her side of it. They had hike in shelters, and a man and two kids asked me where the stove was to cook their food? Dude?

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