40 thoughts on “Playing in the leaves

  1. Serious question. Do people slaughter their pet pigs when they get to be like 500 pounds? Do they keep them on a farm until they forget or die? Do they get used after? Cremated?

  2. So predictable that every post featuring a pet pig will bring out morons saying “hur hur, bacon!” like it’s in some way clever or original.

  3. Word of caution for anybody in the southern states – snakes love piles of leaves like this – careful there aren’t any in there before you let your animal or kids play in the leaves. Used to find rattlesnakes in piles like this once in a while.

  4. I fucking love how happy animals are about the most simple of things. This pig looks like it’s having the time of its life running around amongst leaves.

  5. Millions of these live their entire lives that could be happy and joyous like this inside of dark, disgusting cages with no room to breathe, just waiting to have their throats slit.

  6. I had a pig for over a decade and when she was young it was great to see her doing the bucking and zoomies. She was especially excited when the weather changed. This warms my heart.

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