25 thoughts on “His reaction is priceless.

  1. Bill Hader lookin ass

    Edit: I’ve enjoyed reading all the different people this guy looks like to you all. It’s made a boring Wednesday less boring. He’s a chameleon.

  2. “omg, you had me in a dark box and then it opened to have this huge hand grab me. There was now a ton of people and Im just like wtf!”-Kitten

  3. That poor fucking cat. Scared shitless getting yanked out of a box like that. I get being excited, but that’s not how you handle an animal

  4. That kitten is pretty chill despite his quick rip from the darkest void to an abrupt and deafening dangling in front of a yawning, toothy abyss.

  5. My god this comment section is such a mess. People just love portraying themselves as better than everyone else don’t they?

  6. Things I have learned from the comments, putting cats in boxes for 30 seconds is one of the world’s greatest atrocities.

  7. I’ve learned from the comments you shouldn’t put cats in boxes. Gift bags are the appropriate means in which to gift a cat.

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