43 thoughts on “Happens in every game

  1. I think games should add some kind of achievement for veteran players helping new players. Imagine getting the rank Sensei after helping 100 players.

  2. I make it a point to help every new player I see when I’m good at a game. Some games just need more people, and showing someone kindness will encourage them to play more.

  3. Warframe is an exception. The majority of the Comunity is more than willing to help new players. And in general it’s the best comunity.

  4. me, a level 3 confident soldier with my ak47 getting jumped and fucking tomahawked by a max prestige Xx_NoobKiller_xX with animated gun camos

  5. Try r6 the entire community will yell at you about your aim and then next round die to a spawn peek and rage quit

  6. People play the game too fast, fucking 20 hours and they already beat the game. I’m just taking it slow and steady. Solo and no cheats, enjoy the game.

  7. Gta online, can’t log into the game without getting killed by a mf on a flying motorcycle with 1000 rockets who is also probably hacking with invincibility

  8. Lvl 100 War Thunder player here, im not that good but i try where i can to help new people. Sadly the existing community is quite toxic. But if anyone’s planning on playing some WT and need a squad m8 tell me!

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  9. That’s why i prefer games as Overwatch where tere is nothing to unlock. It’s only ability (and latency ofc)

  10. At first I thought the the veteran player was protecting the new player and offering a bro fist of encouragement 😀 !

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