40 thoughts on “Elon Musk is now worth $197 billion, how do we sell him?

  1. First we spray him with a nice wet mist to bring out his features, then film him doing whatever in super duper slomo, edit the footage to give him an angelic glow, maybe drizzle some fresh cream over him, and wrap it all up into a slick production accompanied by silky soft music with the tagline *MUSK: You know you want him, so please buy him.*

  2. Sell him to the lizards so they can sell him to the martians and then the martians can sell him to the time travelers and then the time travelers sell him to the overlord

  3. For some reason I read this as “what do we sell him” and I was trying to think of really expensive things for him to buy lol.

  4. We’d have better luck selling him piece by piece, as no one can afford to buy all of him. Probably by the ounce. Buying Elon Musk should not be just for the super rich. People from all income brackets should be able to get a slice of him. I’d suggest turning him into *Mellified Man* and sell him by the ounce in tiny jars.

    As for his houses, cars etc. we can turn those into a kind of theme park.

  5. sell? tonight we FEAST!

    least hes spending money on R&D and new tech that can benefit the common person unlike old oil dinosaurs that rather spend their billions on controlling news and governments

  6. The bulk of that is in the form of TSLA stock. If we were to just seize all of that and try to liquidate it, it would crash not only the price of TSLA (meaning we wouldn’t get anywhere near that much for it by the time it was all done) but it would likely crash the entire stock market as well (because who the hell would BUY stock knowing the government can just take it whenever they want?)

  7. Once Starlink is fully operational, He will probably be double his net worth. Id wait.

    Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser.

  8. The human body contains an estimated 37 trillion cells. This means we could sell him by the cell at 1 cent for 2 cells. I say we set up some bulk deals, too.

    * 2 cells for $0.01
    * 10 cells for $0.05
    * 55 cells for $0.25
    * 125 cells for $0.50
    * 300 cells for $1.00

    Large bulk deals could be made available, too, I suppose.

  9. I think the really question is

    “Elon Musk is now worth $197 billion, how do we prepare him and what sides and wine pairings do we serve?”

  10. Sell him off as a stock. Start a subreddit for owners called r/ElonMuskBets and watch as the owners fight over whether he is over priced or not.

    Edit: The subreddit already exists. Step one complete.

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