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  1. If someone else has to get screwed in order for you “to get yours”, or “be fair”, then you’re just a shitty person. No one is keeping score other than you…

  2. My great grandmother had to walk for an hour to fetch fresh water for her family. Running tap water is a slap in the face to many like her.

  3. We live in a world were making life better for the next person who comes along used to be an assumed goal… when did that change?

  4. As someone who joined the military for the college benefits, tbh its been hell. I didn’t want to go in debt so I joined. And I won’t get into all my military experiences, but I think that everyone’s student loan debts SHOULD 100% be forgiven. I hope that some day people will be able to go to college for free and not have to endure the military life just for higher education. The system is broken. And just because you had to do it one way doesn’t make it the right way to do it. Forgive people’s debt. And fucking lower the price of college! It shouldn’t cost that much in the first place! Anyways that’s just my opinion.

  5. There are two kinds of people in the world.

    People who believe “I had it shitty, so you should, too,” and people who believe, “I had it shitty and I’ll fight so others don’t have to go through what I did.”

    I know which one I am.

  6. If you agree to take on a debt you need to pay it. But the interest rate it carries is complete bullshit it doesn’t need to be that high.

  7. I don’t get this argument. How would cancelling $50k of debt dismantle the system? It would just help the people with current debt. It doesn’t fix anything for the next generation that will still face absurd tuition costs and be forced into debt. No?

  8. It’s not a slap in the face to her, it’s a slap in the face to people in poverty or supporting families that couldn’t afford to take the risk and take loans for higher education. Mostly people struggling for basic food and shelter are not college graduates. And they aren’t fueling this social media push either.

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  10. Canceling student debt does nothing to change the system. The next year’s students will still go in debt. Tired of middle class and above lefties telling taxpayers with only high school diplomas to pay their loans for them.

  11. That’s why I enlisted. I wanted the GI Bill to get a better education without going into debt because at the time I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Fast forward almost ten years since I separated… I still haven’t used it. I ended up in a stable career and a good paying job without it 🤷🏻‍♂️

    This is what made me realize how stupid the mentality of you HAVE to go to college, get your degree, and go into debt if you want to succeed.

  12. The thing is, it’d be cool to have your student loans wiped, but then what? Schools keep on changing an arm and a leg for students, and the cycle continues, minus a couple lucky generations. Cancelling out existing debt doesn’t do anything to solve the problem of schools charging out the ass and taking advantage of people.

  13. Cancelling debt does nothing to fix the system and nothing for the next generation of borrowers.

    I have debt and all, but we need to fix the cost, not issue a temporary rebate.

  14. I don’t get how the conversation skipped socializing higher education straight to retroactive socialized education for some people. Like it’s weird to me how people who have debt and want it erased get to take the high road compared to people who paid their debt and don’t want to have to pay double. Meanwhile no one is actually talking about solutions to make education more affordable let alone socialized… It’s just a weird jumble and everyone is being selfish.

  15. These tweets are arguing from the extremes.

    I joined the US Army for the chance to serve my country honorably, to learn critical life and leadership skills, while at the same time take full advantage of the GI Bill.

    And by doing so, I graduated college with zero debt, bought my first home with $1 down at the age of 25, and have the skills to survive any scenario from Red Dawn to Zombie Apocalypse.

  16. My dad went in the military at age 19 and all he got was an SLR and a lifetime of nightmares and flashbacks and was too fucked up when he returned to get a University education.

  17. Former enlisted here. I also joined for the free college. I have two bachelors degrees now that were covered by my GI bill.

    I do not think others should have to do what I did to be able to go to college. Its bullshit.

  18. I was in the Army to get my scholarship, didn’t like seeing homies killed for that shit. Got my degree and completely support canceling student debt, a lot of these dudes didn’t get to use their GI bill to go to school because they didn’t come home.

    If someone is reading this and thinking “I need to join the Military because I need a scholarship” don’t fuckin do it. Literally do this, go to your local university, apply to be a groundskeeper, learn 5 different trees and bushes indigenous to your hometown (or uni location) and a little bit about them. Maybe a few YouTube videos on grounds keeping, anyway, get the job they’ll hire anyone (lookin at you ASU).

    Once you become staff 100% tuition is waived for you, for your spouse, and 75% off for children, if you work there 10 years, the option becomes permanent.

    Grounds was a revolving door, always hiring someone, pay is shit, don’t do it for the pay, do it for the free college, I had the GI bill and never even needed it, it was literally pointless, I still used half of it up before I realized that.

    I dunno if this applies to all universities, but certainly the ones in Arizona.

  19. I used to have to drive to Blockbuster video and pay $5 each time I wanted to rent a movie. Netflix is a slap in the face to many like me

  20. As a guy that enlisted for college benefits…. I don’t fucking care if someone else’s student loan debt is forgiven, because I realize the world isn’t about me and what I did for myself.

  21. I borrowed about 14 grand to put myself through two year machinist course at the local junior college. I waited tables at night the entire 2 years. That was 15 years ago and I am still paying on that 14 grand. And not just a pittance either. It’s a couple hundred bucks a month, which always seems to be needed. I took a year off when I declared bankruptcy about 8 years ago. I have never been garnished for lack of payment. I still owe almost the entire amount.

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