40 thoughts on “‘Deep nostalgia’ can turn old photos of your relatives into moving videos

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  2. Great. So I can watch my grandparents look restless while waiting for their photo to be taken.


    But one could get up to some absolute fuckery with this service.

  3. On a scale of 1(this can be used to help humanity) to 10(this will be used for cursed purposes) I’m going to say this is a BIG #10

  4. This is really cool but you can only do the free trial after giving them payment information. I have a hard time trusting these kinds of offers. They almost always grab at least one payment from you before you get the chance to decline. It costs $195.00 CAD per year.

  5. Wouldn’t work with my grandmother she never smiled, she was the reincarnation of Livia Soprano from The Sopranos. She still causes fights from the grave to this day and she’s been gone a long time.

  6. I actually think this is amazing. My grandma had old tiny black and white pictures of family members from like 1910 that I would stare at for hours as a kid (I’m 45). I would sit and try to imagine them alive. This is just cool as hell to me.

  7. Honestly..as a person who’s mom passed at 8 and have a hard time remembering her outside of pics…I’m fully intrigued by this

  8. I think the main problem is that the effect makes the head geometry seem to weirdly shift around, as if it’s Mystique and she’s too drunk to hold the shape consistently.

  9. So I made a free account and uploaded my dad’s photo who died out of nowhere 4 years ago, going in with zero expectations and kinda expecting a shitty “free version” of it where it makes you pay for a better version.

    I uploaded one of the 2 photos I had of him and hit go.

    It took the wind out of me to see him moving just like as if we were facetiming. It was different than watching a normal video of him, where you feel like the onlooker to a scene, recorded in memory forever. This felt like he was right on the other end of that video call, looking at me for real. So, try it, but prepare yourself.

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