46 thoughts on “This interesting artwork on this wall

  1. You see these works of art done free and people tag it as graffiti. On the other hand, you have “artists” selling artwork in galleries that’s literally a dot in the middle of a canvas for $2,000,000

  2. We don’t talk about street art in the future. I’m hoping in like 30 years everything has a mural or something cool on it.

  3. Artist: IRONY
    London, England

    You should always try to give credit to the artist or creator when posting their work online.

  4. Graffiti your own wall of you graffiting the wall, so others won’t graffiti the graffiti. That’s some next level shit.

  5. I’m surprised there isn’t more of a demand for muralists. People and their horribly plain looking walls have no personality portrayed to the world. Every time I see a house and the walls are white with nothing on them I feel very sad. Look up a muralist in your area and you’ll probably get very few results.

  6. I used to live next to this it’s located I believe just outside Camden Town in London by an old pub I used to go past it all the time and admired it every time.

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