32 thoughts on “The “dude that is definitely from Korea” starter pack

  1. ……………………………………………………………………………… This is the truest thing I’ve witnessed all day.

  2. When a guy like this came into the Starbucks I worked at in college, I knew he was going to order an Americano and be really nice

  3. Those giant down coats/trench coats… I swear like at least 80% of people you saw in public wore those during fall and winter months in Korea. They were always solid black but one thing I noticed is that they all had logos of some western (usually American) corporation that doesn’t even make clothes. Some of the logos I remember seeing were Jeep, Discovery Channel, AT&T, McDonalds.. you name it.

  4. Can confirm. American in Seoul, and this is absolutely 100% true. Koreans are very snappy dressers, and insanely trendy…. the only thing is, there’s only ever one trend at a time (it seems).

  5. I live in a block with 5 boba places, and 5 Korean bbq places… at least one corner of the main intersection has at least one of these starter packs, at all times lol

  6. I was just in Seoul in February 2020.

    This is BEYOND accurate.

    In fact, there’s so little variation in style in Korea that we eventually stopped shopping for clothes. It was the same shit in every single store… over and over again.

    Not that we could fit in anything they have there. I was so excited to shop for some better looking clothes in Korea and Japan, didn’t stop to think about the size differences. We’re both solid Mediums in the US, but everything was way too small. I found some AWESOME Fred Perry stuff there… I just went online and ordered it from the US online store, since they didn’t have anything near my size.

    Asians must shop in the kids department in the states.

    Not even kidding.

  7. “… Just say Korean. If you’re here, and you’re from one of the Koreas, we know it’s South Korea. If you say you’re South Korean, you sound like a North Korean spy pretending to be South Korean.”

    -Juda Friedlander

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